Captain Tim’s Puerto Rico Blog Annual Review – The Wisdom of 2014

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It has been a busy year here at Caribbean Trading Company and 2014 marked the year where we tried to focus more on our Puerto Rico blog and quality content, sharing all the pearls of wisdom and insights we have on the Caribbean. Located in Puerto Rico, we tried to bring an authentic perspective to our Caribbean postings and share with the world a bit about the Caribbean lifestyle and to respond to all of the questions that we received from visitors to the islands. Of course, as natives of Puerto Rico, many of our postings reflected the culture and happenings in Puerto Rico. Here is a listing of all of the blogs that 2014 brought…. We hope to bring you even more interesting topics in the coming new year!

Puerto Rico Blog – Holiday Traditions

Coquito: A Rum Drinks Recipe

Puerto Rico Christmas Traditions

Puerto Rican Holiday Food Traditions

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Puerto Rico

Thanksgiving Recipe from Puerto Rico’s Condado Plaza Hilton


Caribbean Food & Recipes

Coffee Recipes: Highlighting Puerto Rican Coffee

Caribbean Rum Balls: A Quick and Easy Cookie Recipe

Pumpkin Fritters: A Quick and Easy Puerto Rican Recipe

Sauces & Marinades to complete your Puerto Rican Meal

Celebrate National Cherry Month with the Acerola Cherry

Quick and Easy Puerto Rican Recipe: Churrasco with Chimichurri

Scotch Bonnet Hot Pepper Sauce Oven-Barbecued Leg of Pork

The Nature Lover’s List of What to Do in Puerto Rico

Caribbean Cuisine: Jerk Spiced Filet Mignon with Guava Glaze

Caribbean Trading’s Tropical Chicken Salad Recipe

Health Benefits of Hot Sauce

Sweet & Spicy Fresh Ranchero Sauce

A Typical Puerto Rico Recipe: Stuffed Tostones

Tropical Tiramisu

Coconut Mango Cookies

Churrasco Sandwich with Artisan Goat Cheese

Thanksgiving Recipe from Puerto Rico’s Condado Plaza Hilton

Screaming Cheese Toastie

Easy Puerto Rican Tembleque Recipe

Celebrate National Fritters Day with Puerto Rican Frituras


Caribbean Cocktail Recipes

Some of the Crew’s Favorite Sipping Rums

Stormy: A Rum Cocktail Recipe

El Yunque Parrot: A Rum Cocktail Recipe

Cherry Punch: A Rum Cocktail Recipe

Sweet Beach: A Rum Cocktail Recipe

A Puerto Rican Cocktail Recipe: Easy Breezy

Caribbean Harmony: A Rum Cocktail Recipe

5 Caribbean Cocktail Recipes

5 More Awesome Caribbean Cocktails

Mango Madness Cocktail Shot

Caipirinha: a World Cup Themed Cocktail

Passion fruit Mojito Cocktail Recipe


Puerto Rico Blog –  Travel Information

Small Inns and B&B’s in Eastern Puerto Rico

Take a Day Pass to Palomino Island

Visit the Vieques Archaelogical Site

Visit the Vieques Bunkers

Casa Cortés and History of Chocolate Cortés

Puerto Rico Hotels in Condado have a lot to Offer

Hotels in Old San Juan Puerto Rico Have Lots to Offer

10 Things to do in Puerto Rico – Central Mountains

The History Buff’s List of What to Do in Puerto Rico

The Luquillo Sunrise Inn has lots to Offer

So Much Puerto Rico Shopping to do, So Little Time!

Rock to Merengue Music from Puerto Rico

Dance to Salsa Music from Puerto Rico

Top 5 Favorite Vieques Beaches

Visit the Bacardi Factory – History, Tours, etc.

Celebrate Golf Day in Puerto Rico

Introducing a New Water Taxi Service to Palomino Island

Bellas Artes Schedule of Events

10 Things to Do in North Puerto Rico

Coffee Country Puerto Rico: Ruta 123

Fun Things To Do While In Puerto Rico

Indulge in the rich island history of Puerto Rico


Caribbean Trading Company Products & News

Check out our New Whiteboard Videos!

How Hot is Our Hot Pepper Sauce?

What to Put in a Themed Puerto Rico Gift Basket

Introducing Caribbean Trading Company’s Artisan Soaps and Soy Candles

Connect with Us for All Things Caribbean

All About Caribbean Trading Company’s Corporate Gift Service

Introducing our New INSANE Hot Sauces


Caribbean History

The Women Pirates of the Caribbean

The History Buff’s List of What to Do in Puerto Rico


Puerto Rican Culture

10 Typical Foods of Puerto Rico

Culture of Puerto Rico: All about Hammocks

All About Dominoes in the Caribbean: Games and Variations

Puerto Rico History: Sugar Mills

Great Resources for Children about Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico History: Trains

The Camp Shirt: Caribbean Style and Elegance


Caribbean Fauna

Vieques Horses


Caribbean Travel Information

A Unique Experience: The Beginner’s Guide to Caribbean Cruises

8 Must See Cultural Attractions of the Caribbean


Caribbean Trading Company Contests & Events

Enter to Win our Triple Treasure Gourmet Hot Sauce Pack Giveaway!

Spice up your March Giveaway

Caribbean Gift Pack Giveaway to Celebrate our New Website


This article was written by Captain Tim and the Crew of Caribbean Trading Company.

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