What to Put in a Themed Puerto Rico Gift Basket

Here at Caribbean Trading Company we have been putting together Puerto Rico Gift Baskets for over 13 years, and arguably are ‘gift experts’ in theming gift baskets to Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.  There is no better welcome gift or gift basket amenity to welcome guests than one that highlights local flavor and local products.  Crackers and cheese can be gotten anywhere, but what is really exciting is to be introduced to local items and tastes that you may not be familiar with. When we put together a themed Puerto Rico Gift Basket, here are some of the things that we love to include:

Puerto Rican Rum

Puerto Rico is known as the Rum Capital of the World and rightly so: it is Puerto Rico’s largest export and over 70% of the rum consumed in the US comes from Puerto Rico.  Puerto Rico is the only rum-producing country to adhere to a minimum aging law for the drink and there are many excellent varieties.

Puerto Rican Coffee

Nothing says Puerto Rico like coffee grown in the lush central mountains.  If you are a coffee-lover then Puerto Rico is the right island for you!  Puerto Rican coffee is known to produce a smooth, aromatic and richly flavored brew.  We admit that we never travel without  a pound of Puerto Rican coffee in our suitcases – once you have coffee here, a Maxwell House or Dunkin Donuts coffee just doesn’t stack up!

Local Cookies and Sweet Treats

From typical cookies like Besitos de Coco and Polvoronnes to local chocolate, fudge, or rum cakes, there are lots of sweet treats to include in a snack basket.

Puerto Rican Candies – Dulces Tipicos

These traditional Puerto Rican candies are made with tropical fruits and flavors and are a small token that will get your group thinking tropical vacation.  To learn more about them, you can read one of our recent blogs here.  Available individually or in gift boxes or packs, there are several options at many price points.

Root Chips

Root chips are something that is just beginning to take off in the United States, but here in Puerto Rico , root chips have been a favorite snack for many years!  The most popular are plantain chips, made with the plantain banana; and also the Yucca chip made with cassava.  However, there are also chips made with Batata (Caribbean sweet potato), Malanga, or Dasheen. They are much healthier than your average potato chip and have some strength to them, so they are perfect for dipping!

Puerto Rican Music

Include a CD with a great overview of Puerto Rican music – from bomba and plena to salsa and merengue, you will explore the rich tradition of Puerto Rican music.  Consider adding in some traditional musical instruments of Puerto Rico like maracas or the Guiro, and you have everything needed to jump in and dance.

Something Coqui

The Coqui Frog is our national mascot and it’s co-qui singing at night is a staple of Puerto Rican life, so including something coqui in a basket is a great way to keep the Puerto Rico theme going.  If you are gifting to a family, then the plush coqui is a perfect item to include. But even if the basket is for adults, a small token of the coqui is a great addition.


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