10 Puerto Rico Traditional Foods

Puerto Rico Traditional Foods

Finding the 10 Puerto Rico Traditional Foods is difficult because there are so many different influences on their cuisine. Today on the island you can find many different food options with influences from Chinese to Italian, but below are the 10 most typical foods of Puerto Rico.

Although Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States, their culture, food and way of life is more closely tied with Latin American countries, as the delicious Puerto Rican pernil recipe demonstrates perfectly. Its cuisine is the result of three main influences: Taino, Spanish and African.

The countdown of Puerto Rico Traditional Foods begins with…

1.      Mofongo: The combination of plantains, chicharrón and garlic, this dish is considered the most popular on the island. It can be found at most any restaurant serving Puerto Rican food and can have any type of meat or vegetable mixed in to make a complete meal.

 2.      Chicken Asopao: The hot weather on the island has not stopped Puerto Ricans from enjoying this hot soup. Asopao is a soup, a gumbo and a stew, all in one dish. This dish is great with a side of tostones (fried plantain slices).

 3.      Arroz con Pollo: This simple, but delicious, typical dish is the most preferred by Puerto Ricans and the most cooked in Puerto Rican households. It is very popular because of its easy preparation and because there’s no need to buy budget-buster ingredients.

 4.      Bacalaitos Fritos: When your craving something fried, crunchy and savory, Bacalaitos are the perfect bite sized snack to munch on. Made from cod fish, cilantro and other spices, these are common in kioscos around the island.

 5.      Rice with Pigeon Peas: This dish is popular all over the Caribbean, but the Puerto Rican twist on it comes from the use of sofrito in the recipe.

 6.      Alcapurrias: Plantain or yucca dough stuffed with meat, this slightly crunchy snack can be found in many kioscos near the coast all over the island.

 7.      Arroz Mamposteao: This quick and easy rice and beans meal is the perfect last-minute meal saver in any Puerto Rican household.

8.      Tembleque: A common dessert, this creamy coconut pudding is perfect to follow any Puerto Rican meal!

 9.      Sancocho: This is a hearty beef and vegetable stew with carrots, onions and corn and is a one pot meal.  It is a favorite Sunday dish and colloquially considered a hangover cure.

 10.  Piononos: This delicious soft-on-the-inside, crunchy-on-the-outside staple snacks can be found in most road-side stands around the island.

Next time you are visiting the island be sure to find these fantastic 10 Typical Foods of Puerto Rico and give them a try, you will be surprised at the flavors that have been molded by many influences.


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