Passion Fruit Mojito Cocktail Recipe

passion fruit mojito

Well, this year has been a very successful year for our Passionfruit vine. We’ve already harvested over 50 of them and are still getting about 5 flowers a day, so we conceivably have more than a month left to go (hopefully more). Well, we’ve been eating them, freezing them, and giving them away (a friend of ours swears that a fresh passion fruit is the cure-all for a hangover). But, we found this recipe for a passion fruit mojito cocktail and it seemed just the perfect one to use! If you don’t have a fresh passion fruit you can use a canned nectar; but fresh is best!

Ingredients Needed for Passion fruit Mojito:


Mash the mint leaves, vanilla and sugar together. Shake these with ice and then add the rum, passion fruit, and lime juice and shake. Strain into a glass filled with ice.

Variation: We also tried this out with Sprite added into the mix and it made a nice mixed drink cocktail too.

Vanilla Extract – Dark Double Strength – 8 oz.

Lime Cane Sugar – 15.87 oz.

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