Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Puerto Rico

new years puerto rico

Right in the middle of Puerto Rico’s long holiday season, the celebration of the Ano Viejo (Old Year) and ringing in a Feliz Ano Nuevo (Happy New Year) is one that is taken very seriously.  We here at Caribbean Trading Company want to thank you all for sharing the last year with us and wish all of you a Happy New Year!  We will be ringing in the New Year down here in Puerto Rico and will be celebrating the traditional Puerto Rican way.  There are some really fun twists on traditions and added elements that can surely be added into your celebration:

Grapes for Good Luck

At the stroke of midnight, local tradition demands that you eat 12 grapes for luck. You’ll also find some people sprinkling sugar outside their house for good luck or throwing a bucket of water out the window to expel all the negatives of the old year and get ready for a fresh start.

Clean House

Now this doesn’t sound very fun, but it has a great sentiment behind it.. Before the party begins Puerto Ricans spend the entire day cleaning the house, yard, cars, and even sweeping the street.  It is believed that whatever the condition in which the New Year finds our property, that is how our property will stay for the rest of the year. Out with the old and in with the new.


Fireworks have become a traditional event for New Year’s Eve and if you have a view from a mountain (or even a hill), you will see a steady succession of fireworks once the sun goes down.  It is a sight to be seen!  Make sure you pick some up of your own (available in any shopping plaza) and bring along with you to the party.  Even sparklers will do!  However, fair warning:  if you are irritated by fireworks smoke, be prepared with some allergy medicine or eye or throat drops – there are that many fireworks set off on New Year’s Eve.

Party Time

There are several resorts, hotels and clubs that put together a really great New Year’s Eve celebration.  Here are some of the biggest parties happening this year:

Dec 31 @ 11pm: A Night of Wonders at the Caribe Hilton.  New Year’s Eve party, featuring DJs, live music, and open bar. Visit web site for more info

Dec 31 @ 10pm: Town New Year’s Party in Vieques Plaza. Annual outdoor New Year’s Eve celebration, with fireworks.Dec 31: New Year’s Eve Party at the Courtyard by Marriott Isla Verde. New Year’s Eve buffet with live music.

Dec 31: New Year’s Eve Party at the Hilton Ponce Golf and Resort. New Year’s Eve buffet with live music.

Dec 31: New Year’s Eve Party at the InterContinental San Juan Resort. New Year’s Eve buffet with live music.

Dec 31: New Year’s Eve Party at the Ritz Carlton San Juan. New Year’s Eve buffet with live music.

Dec 31: New Year’s Eve Party at Sheraton Old San Juan Hotel. New Year’s Eve gastronomical fest with open bar and live music.
Dec 31: NYE Evolution 2014: The Mansion at the Puerto Rico Convention Center. New Year’s Eve party, featuring 5 “rooms” with different live entertainment.

Dec 31: Year-end Celebration at the Culebra Town Plaza.  Annual New Year’s celebration.
** if you have a boat or yacht, gathering off the beaches of Culebra is also extremely popular

Dec 31 @ 10pm: “Illusions” New Years Eve Party at the Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel. New Years Eve celebration.

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