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history of Puerto Rico

It’s often been said that to really get to know a place, you must first know its past.  As any holiday in Puerto Rico will leave you wanting to go back, it’s imperative to get to know a bit about the history of this place often referred to as “The Island of Enchantment”.

There are many historical sites around the country to explore, and an ideal base to do this from is the San Juan Hilton.  Situated on acres of lush tropical gardens, this hotel may have you checking in permanently!  From San Juan, the capital city of Puerto Rico, you can learn about much of the country’s history.  A walk into town brings you to The Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, housed in the old San Juan Municipal Hospital.  From the outside, the majestic building with its three-story stained glass window is a sight to behold, but once inside, you can begin to learn.  Collected works by Latin American artists from the 17th century and onwards are on display here as well as modern mixed media installations, dance, music, and film.

A walk down the streets of the Old San Juan quarter will have you soaking in its magical history without even knowing it!  You may come across a favourite meeting place, Plaza de San José, and notice a bronze statue of Ponce de León standing at its centre. This statue is in fact made from British cannons captured following Sir Ralph Abercromby’s attack in 1797.  And if it’s history you’re after, then you can’t miss a visit to the Catedral de San Juan, the second oldest in the Western Hemisphere, and one of the rare examples of medieval architecture surviving modern times.  Perhaps this cathedral could best be described as having nine lives, after surviving two hurricanes and many vagrant looters!  After a day spent learning, it’s definitely time to relax, and what better place to do that than your Puerto Rico Hilton. Take a dip in the beachside poolArticle Search, or sip on a cocktail in one of the hammocks and drift away with your thoughts…

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