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Our flavoring extracts are 100% natural, have an exquisite aroma, and have an intense flavor, with double extract concentration in a non-alcoholic base. This ensures the best quality and scent, guaranteed by the seal of approval of Caribbean Trading.

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A premium baking staple ideal for any recipe that needs to be pure white like cakes, frosting, ice cream and more. These products are the ultimate ingredients bakers need to create culinary wonders that will grant any dish a touch of the Caribbean world.

What does Double-Strength mean?

Twice as many beans are used to make each gallon, doubling its strength. Our vanilla extracts are made in a way that you can cut the amount of vanilla used in a recipe by half. Or even use the same amount the recipe calls for to really punch up the vanilla-y goodness of your dish. Unleash your culinary desires and make whatever you desire!


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