A Unique Experience: The Beginner’s Guide to Caribbean Cruises

caribbean cruise

Cruising has soared in popularity in recent years, especially to the Caribbean and is now one of the most popular cruise destinations. Thousands of options are available when it comes to choosing your holiday – different sized ships, different destinations and different prices can all be pretty confusing for the first time cruiser. To help you make the correct decision, here is a quick rundown of what to look for and what to avoid when planning your first cruise experience to the Caribbean:


One of the reasons cruises are growing in popularity is that they offer great value for money. Most cruises include flights, accommodation, entertainment and most of your food and drink. Although the price of a cruise is similar to that of an all-inclusive land based holiday, cruises offer several destinations and usually a higher quality of service, making your overall experience more positive.


When it comes to variety, there is a wide range of destinations and cruise liners to choose from. Around 20 cruise lines travel to the caribbean on a regular basis, with ships of all size. Large ship cruises offer a huge range of facilities and activities. You will rarely find yourself with nothing to do on a large ship; from surfing to casino’s, they have it all. However, they can be limited to certain ports due to its size. Large ship cruise liners include Royal Caribbean, Carnival and many more. Small ship cruises generally offer less facilities and activities, but they can visit a wider range of ports. Small ship cruise liners include Windstar, Seaborn, Cunard and many more.

During Caribbean Cruises, you will get the option to visit various different ports, many different places and you will have a chance to explore all of them.  Be sure to check all the options and itineraries of each cruise to find the right fit for you.


Travelling from destination to destination on a cruise ship is never boring as Cruise Liners nowadays are more like floating cities than ships. You will find many different activities to enjoy on board, from kids’ entertainment to shows. A cruise offers many different activities so you can either spend your time relaxing alone or get involved.


Cruise lines offer different lengths of stay, ranging from 3 nights to 14, so you can choose the duration to best suit your needs. The lengthier cruises generally visit more ports and may stop in areas such as Central or South America. When choosing the duration of the cruise, prices will fluctuate a fair amount therefore it’s often a good idea to have a budget in mind and work around that.


With their soaring popularity, cruise operators have begun to offer departures from a lot more destinations. Many companies do set off from the United Kingdom, meaning none of the hassle of catching a plane to get to the start of your holiday.

Cruises to the Caribbean are a totally unique holiday and one you will not forget for a longtime. The important thing to consider when booking a cruise is what you want from your holiday. With a vast amount of companies offering every single cruise imaginable, there is something for everyone!

This piece was written by Laura Bailey, an avid traveller and writer for Cruise Nation, the cruise specialists.

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