Coffee Country Puerto Rico: Ruta 123

coffee country

Recently we attended the Coffee and Chocolate Expo in San Juan and had the opportunity to learn about the newly designated region comprised of Castañer and Route 123, or “coffee country”. This is a new regional designation of the area comprising the towns of Lares, Adjuntas, Yauco and Maricao. This area of Puerto Rico, best known for it’s coffee cultivation, is one of our favorite areas to visit in Puerto Rico and a truly special place, and we think it is great that it is getting the attention it deserves…

Ruta 123 seeks to highlight and promote agri-tourism and there are many future plans. For now, they have launched a website and magazine.  Route 123 runs through Ponce, Adjuntas and Castaner. Starting from la Guancha, briefly becoming Avenida Santiago de los Caballeros, then climbs up Route 123 and continuing through to Route 135, ending in the town of Castaner.

Below is a bilingual guide to this area so you can plan a trip yourself!  But if you can’t get there, you can experience the excellent coffee that comes out of this area with these coffees


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