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Here at Caribbean Trading Company, we are so grateful to all of our fans and customers who have joined us in our online community and take an interest in all things Puerto Rican and Caribbean.  We think the Caribbean is pretty great and are glad you all think so too!  Many of you have been to Puerto Rico and the Caribbean and know a lot about visiting and living in the islands; we want you to share your knowledge with your fellow fans.  That being the case, we are so excited to announce a new program to show our appreciation and thanks:  Become our Facebook Fan of the Month.

Here’s how it works:

We will choose a Facebook Fan of the Month on the last Friday of the month among our most engaged fans.   By engaged, we mean those who have responded the most over the month with shares, likes and comments.  The top ten most engaged people will be thrown into a random lottery and that fan will become our fan of the month!  To keep it fair and honest – as many of our most engaged fans happen to be related to us (thanks guys!) – we have outsourced the selection process to ensure complete neutrality and fairness.  So, no nepotism here (sorry guys!).

What Does our Fan of the Month win?

Each month we will be gifting some authentic products from the Caribbean, so that you can taste and feel the Caribbean even though you may not be here.  We will be changing it up a bit each month to keep it interesting, and will be announcing throughout the month what the prize will be.  Once our Fan is chosen, we will contact them directly to get a shipping address and we will mail you a little slice of the Caribbean to your doorstep!

So, to kick it off we’re going to go big with a great combination of Caribbean items:

April 2013 Fan of the Month Prize:  Tesoro del Sol Gourmet Puerto Rican Coffee 8oz. & Caribbean Trading Gourmet’s Tropical Green Tea.

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