Why You Should Try Caribbean Tea

Caribbean Tea

Caribbean Tea is an integral part of everyday life in Puerto Rico. For generations, natives have been planting bush medicines and herbal plants all along the island, which, with time, were used for tea production. Along with coffee, it became the best beverage for slaves to recover energy after work.

The Origins of Caribbean Tea

To learn about the flavors of tea Puerto Rico has to offer, it is vital to understand where they come from first. Since the traditional Tea from a plant called Camelia Sinensis was very expensive to import to the Caribbean, locals started planting and growing themselves.

Coffee and Tea slowly started to become a common drink within the zone, also used to cure migraines and toothaches. Mixed with hot water, some ancient healers cured diseases and illnesses too. Other therapeutic properties were added, too, making the grandmothers of the Caribbean brew tea for long.

Time after the colonization, more and more people benefited from the Tea’sTea’s medicinal and economical benefits of growing it. New tea brands were introduced, brewed directly from local herbs. With the backup of science, the Caribbean was recognized as the finest tea producer, gaining a lot of money.

Its quality lies within the process through which the Tea is prepared. Drying is the first stage. Doing it very slowly is crucial to maximizing the nutrients that are kept. Then, blending it with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, clove, and more gives its amazing flavor and properties.

Best Caribbean Tea Flavors

There are many flavors for everyone to try, according to the tastes of each one. However, this is the list of the most famous types everyone can try out when visiting Puerto Rico or by ordering it online:

Caribbean Floral

The Caribbean Floral tea offers the essence of Puerto Rico with its amazing tropical essence of black premium tea. Loose leafs mixed with flower petals brings elegance and distinctive color. Calendula, hibiscus, and cornflowers are also part of this combination that provides the ultimate essence.

Citrus Chai

This tea flavor offers an orange flavor due to its spice cabinet of zesty mixes and aromas blended with organic peels and Indian green Tea. This citrusy sophistication achieved by using savor cinnamon, cloves, and cardamon keeps it light and uplifting, making it perfect for a natural and relaxing moment.

Pomegranate Bliss

Pomegranate Bliss is a very known antioxidant lift blend with premium white Tea. This delicate combination makes it a perfect foundation for pomegranates and flowers, providing tangy tartness and antioxidant benefits. In addition, Rosehips, hibiscus, and other resources add more blight flavor to its great taste.

Iced Hibiscus

Created from an iced tea blend, the Iced Hibiscus combines tart and rosy hibiscus with different orange derivations. Peels, sweet cinnamon, and a bit of “lemony” Lemon Myrtle. Its amounts of Vitamin C give it great tartness, used for refreshment while totally caffeine-free.

Iced Mojito

Iced Mojito is another tea blend that combines the flavors of fresh mint tea with herbal and refreshing citrus. Since this citrus is organic and herbal, it gives a bright balance of spearmint with Australian citrusy and lemon peel. The flavor blends extremely well, giving a sweet and refreshing taste that’s to ice.

Sunshine Iced Black Tea

Another member of the Iced black tea blend, the Iced Sunshine blend, comes from Tropical Fruit Medley and Organic Iced Black Tea Blend. Its essence of mango, guava, and passion fruit brings its fragrance and flavor, only compared to Indian Tea.

Since this combination works perfectly with ice, some add sweeteners, a squeeze of lemon, and a splash of juice, especially orange, making it even better.

Cacao Power

Made up of rich and organic cacao shells (the outer part of cacao beans), the Cacao Power tea is a caffeine-free blend. Still, it is labeled as caffeinated due to its use of chocolate and cacao, which contain minor natural stimulants like theobromine.

Tango Mango

Mango tea is a robust blend of black Tea, citrus peel, and exotic flavors from tropical locations. It balances sweet-tart essences such as passion fruit, lemon, mango, and mango. Full-bodied black can be brewed with a tart and added a tropical finish with lemon myrtle.

Passionate Red Rooibos

This stimulant-free herbal blend tea is a mild and smooth-well-rounded Rooibos tea that can achieve an excellent flavor with the right combination. Using passion fruit and citrus fruits allows a very refreshing taste for the hot months in the Caribbean.

Tropical Dream

The Tropical Dream tea comes from a Smooth, Sultry Blend mixed with Premium Green tea. It is lush and smooth, giving a good sensation with its tropical sensation. Rich notes of tropical carob and soothing chamomile on top add a clear and crisp experience.

Since it is also a bright and refreshing brew with a strong and tropical flavor (while still very light), so it is perfect for summer days.

Other Healthy Reasons to Try Tea

As mentioned, locals used Caribbean Tea for many health benefits, some of which have become obsolete by medicine today. But that doesn’t mean that it cannot bring any good outcome from it anymore.

White Tea Benefits

White Tea is a well-known natural way to fight cancer thanks to its elevated antioxidants. Its content of fluoride, catechins, and tannins also strengthens the teeth, fights against plaques, and makes them more resistant to sugar and acids. This type is also the one with the least amount of caffeine.

Herbal Tea Benefits

Similar to white Tea, herbal Tea contains many health benefits but blends with herbs, spices, and fruits. Since they do not contain caffeine, many people drink them to calm or relax. Other benefits include reducing menstrual pain, muscle spasms, improved blood pressure, and relief from allergies.

Green Tea Benefits

In China, green tea leaves are processed with heat using different devices such as pan-firing or roasting methods. It can boost the heart health of their consumers since it reduces bad cholesterol and blood clotting. Experts say it also has a positive impact on different types of cancer.

Black Tea Benefits

Black Tea’sTea’s origin is the same as the green one, but the leaves are dried and fermented instead. This gives them a darker and richer flavor. Since it’s caffeinated, consumption must be monitored. Steaming or cooling it can help heal minor cuts, scrapes, bruises, or swollen body muscles.

Oolong Tea Benefits

Coming from the same plant as black and green Tea, it is known as “the middle tea” between those two types. Being somewhere between allows this type of Tea to benefit from each type, such as preventing cognitive diseases and diabetes.


Caribbean Tea has become one of the most popular drinks, especially in Puerto Rico. Originally brewed for centuries, many families have been growing Tea for generations until becoming one of the most profitable businesses in the zone.

Many flavors have appeared since, from which many health benefits are given to those who drink them. Some of them can help ill people and improve their defenses. Different types of cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, cholesterol, and anxiety are some of the problems this beverage can prevent.

On our website, you have the most varied options to choose the one you like the most. If you have any questions, just write us! We will gladly tell you a little more about this Caribbean delicacy.

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