The Best 11 Puerto Rican Christmas Gift

Puerto Rican Christmas Gifts

Christmas is very important for Puerto Ricans. The happiness of Christmas carols, lights and the typical colors of Christmas flood the streets and homes since the end of November. The atmosphere becomes magical and special for those who walk their streets.

Puerto Rico is not left behind in the Christmas tradition of sharing gifts; you can find several native options to give to your loved ones.

If the holidays find you in this wonderful country, we list the ten best Christmas gifts in Puerto Rico to give to the people you appreciate.

Home Accessories 

When we want to give something as a gift to a couple, a family or someone we don’t know that well, gifts for the home are always an option that doesn’t fail.

1. Cups: 

There are several designs of cups. In addition, you can find models with very funny phrases about Puerto Rico, models with its flag and even its most characteristic landscapes. 

The cups are of great practical utility, so consider them if you want to make a practical and meaningful gift. It is possible that, whoever receives it, will think of you every time they drink a coffee or an infusion.

2. Paintings and Postcards

Do you want to gift someone a little bit of the Caribbean? Why not think of paintings or postcards with their most beautiful and paradisiacal landscapes? Another fashionable decoration is the map paintings. Modern, retro and vintage designs, according to every taste and every home, will surely create a magnificent space that shows off the beautiful Puerto Rican territory.


If you want to give something to decorate a home that is unique and unrepeatable, do not hesitate to trust in the handmade work of Puerto Rico. In the handicraft stores, you can find jewelry, nautical and tropical gifts, Puerto Rican art souvenirs and more.


A pleasant scent has an extremely powerful effect. We may want to be in environments or with people just because we like their fragrance. So you can think about giving boricua scents in different forms this Christmas season.

4. Perfumes 

By giving a scent in the form of perfume or fragrance oil, you will make your gift accompany the one who receives it wherever they go. And what better than with a tropical scent from Puerto Rico? 

5. Candles 

We can’t leave candles behind as a gift option if we talk about aromas. Since they perfume the entire environment but also give warmth and brightness and create an atmosphere of relaxation. For this reason and their great decorative use, candles are a special gift option everyone would like to receive.

The scents of candles are magnificent, but we can not always have a candle burning; it can become dangerous if we are not at home. Another alternative to giving scents as a gift is wax melts. You will surely find the most exotic scents so that whoever receives it enters your home will remember you.

6. Room Spray

Another quicker alternative to perfume an environment is room sprays. The person who receives this gift will be able to spray their curtains, armchairs and bed sheets with a tropical Caribbean scent.

With all these fragrance alternatives, you can create a beautiful gift basket! It is sure to be a very successful, and certainly very tasty, Puerto Rican Christmas gift.


When we give a gift, we do it to show our affection and love to the person who receives it. Therefore, knowing the other person and what they like is key to making a good gift.

If the person you want to give a gift to is a lover of clothes, the following options for Christmas gifts from Puerto Rico will be perfect.

7. T-Shirts

You may find many dresses and t-shirts because of the Caribbean climate in Puerto Rico. If you want the gift recipient to know that you were thinking about them during your vacation, take a t-shirt with Puerto Rican logos.

8. Coveralls and Socks

There are personalized overalls with the Puerto Rican flag for all tastes. You can find different designs and colors. Finding this kind of product in more touristic places is even more common.

Putting your feet with stockings on the fireplace while eating something delicious is an excellent Christmas plan. For this reason, a very nice option to give as a gift this season is a pair of warm socks. There are very fun and colorful models. Besides, it is a useful and practical gift for the recipient. 

Giving clothes as a gift can be a good option if you have to think about gifts for the little ones. Think of an outfit to give according to the size and season of the year the recipient of the gift will enjoy Christmas.


If there is one thing that unites us human beings, it is food. So many special moments we share are accompanied by food or a drink. They are often the perfect excuse to get together. 

Puerto Rico stands out with some products because of how natural they are. Here are some suggestions for you to consider when giving a Puerto Rico Christmas gif.

 9. Coffee 

Puerto Rico has coffee production and has improved its quality. If you are lucky enough to try it, do not hesitate to share it with your loved ones. You will be able to show someone else a unique flavor.

10. Chocolate 

It is rare to find someone who is not a fan of chocolate. It is a gift par excellence that we all love to receive. Christmas is, without a doubt, a time of the year to eat delicious food, and what better way than with a good Boricuo chocolate?

11. Spices

If you have friends or family who love to cook, your best option is to surprise them with spices they don’t know. The culinary variety in which Puerto Rico stands out is thanks to the spices that make its dishes unique.

You can mix the rarest and most interesting spices you can find. It will surely be a fantastic and original gift.

What to do for Christmas in Puerto Rico

If this special date has found you in these lands, then it will be a unique opportunity for you to experience the excitement of Christmas in Puerto Rico. 

The island is one of the most famous Latin American places for its Christmas festivities. Music and food are the highlights of the festivities.

You can enjoy the Aguinaldo, the Plena and the Seis in its streets. These are musical genres typical of Puerto Rico. Also, you can enjoy the “Parranda,” a special party for the islanders. 

Christmas Eve begins on the 4th Thursday of November, celebrating Thanksgiving. It ends two weeks after Three Kings Day with the “La Octavita” party.

Undoubtedly, it will be a unique experience to enjoy to the fullest. 


Christmas is a time to transmit love and share special moments with those we love. One way to show that love is through gifts. Now you have various options for Puerto Rican Christmas Gifts that will surely be precious gifts for anyone.

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