Where is Puerto Rico?

where is puerto rico

Where is Puerto Rico? What is Puerto Rico all about? When to travel to Puerto Rico? are all common questions that we hear. If you are yearning to take a vacation to the Caribbean, Puerto Rico is where you want to go. It has something for everyone!

Puerto Rico is located in the Caribbean and is the smallest island of the Greater Antilles (which includes Cuba, Hispaniola and Jamaica). Puerto Rico (Spanish for “rich port”) comprises an archipelago that includes the main island of Puerto Rico and a number of smaller islands, the largest of which are Vieques, Culebra, and Mona.

It’s international airport (LMM) has direct flights to many international and US destinations and is often the jumping-off point to other Caribbean destinations. Most importantly, Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the US, meaning that no passport is required for US citizens to come here. And the US dollar is the mode of currency.

Any time of year is a great time to visit Puerto Rico. The weather stays a pretty steady 85-95 degrees year round. The hurricane season running June- November should be taken into consideration, but only in that you should definitely get ticket insurance. Otherwise, this is as good a time to visit as any other time and the tickets are cheaper, with many of the hotels also offering travel deals.

While it’s land mass may be small, Puerto Rico is big in terms of things to do. Puerto Rico has the perfect combination of things to do and an infinite list of possibilities to satisfy every type of traveler. After all of the years we have lived and explored here, there is still a long list of places and events on the Bucket List!


From snorkeling and deep-sea diving the Caribbean waters to hiking in the rainforest, and exploring the salt flats of Cabo Rojo, the northern karst region, the mangroves and bio bays; there is a fascinating array of ecosystems all waiting to be explored. The diversity of the island is breath-taking.


From dance shows and festivals to excellent clubs and restaurants, and world-class casinos, there are a number of nighttime possibilities for every traveler. The party starts late and goes all night long!


By law all beaches in Puerto Rico are public and therefore the majority are easily accessible. Each beach has a different flavor and feel – from surfing in Rincon to sunbathing at the balnearios, white sand in Vieques, black sand in the North, rainbow rocks on the South. Each has a personality of it’s own and is worth exploring!


Originally home to the Taino Indians, and although they are now extinct, there is still much evidence left on the island of their lives. Explore the Taino’s history by visiting some of the parks and other locations. Puerto Rico also has been at the center of international commerce for over 500 years. Explore the Spanish colonial forts, the oldest church in the Western hemisphere, coffee plantations, or a French sugar mill.


Puerto Rico shopping has lots to offer.  From the largest mall in the Caribbean, Plazas las Americas, to outlet malls like the Outlet in Canovanas, to farmers markets island-wide, there are infinite locations all offer great options.  For unique art and souvenirs, visit the shops in Old San Juan or the El Yunque Art District in Palmer, Rio Grande. (the home of Caribbean Trading Company!) or in Rincon.

You may be only looking to lounge at one of the resorts sipping pina coladas with an occasional day trip to visit some of the local attractions, or you may want to ‘explore beyond the shore’. If so, we recommend renting a car and doing a little online research in advance to find some of the hidden gems Puerto Rico has to offer.


Get your Map of Puerto Rico:

Antiqued Puerto Rico Island Map – Large

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