How to Tie A Sarong or Pareo

How to Tie A Sarong

Sarongs, otherwise known as Pareos, are the perfect Caribbean and tropical fashion accessory.  We’ve been selling them for years – short, long, sheer, cotton, rayon, tropical and subtle – there is a style to fit every need and match every bathing suit.  And we’ve been demonstrating ways to wear them and How to Tie A Sarong… I’m always surprised at how many of us own a sarong, but only know how to wear it one way, so this posting is dedicated to showing some of the ways to ‘Tie One On’ and the versatility of this simple accessory…

The Wrap Dress

1. Take A & B and wrap around bust. Don’t tie

2. Bring A around all the way until it meets B again.

3. Knot A & B together.

The Neck Tie Dress

1. Wrap A & B around bust.

2. Knot A & B at center.

3. Take left over fabric and knot A & B behind neck.

The Fluff Top Dress

1.Take A & C and knot together.

2.Pull over head with knot behind neck.

3.Take G & K and pull to waist and tie in back.

4. If you want to close the back knot B & D together.

The Jumpsuit

1. Knot A & C above bust.

2. Move knot around back.

3. Take fabric and pull under through legs.

4. Take B & D and tie around waist.

5. Tuck in extra fabric so it looks fitted.

The Wrap Skirt

1.Take A & B and wrap around waist. Do not tie.

2.Bring A around all the way until it meets B again.

3.Knot A & B together.

The Fluff Top Skirt

1.Knot A & C together.

2.Pull knot behind neck over head.

3.Take G & K and pull to waist.

4.Fold over to desired length.

5.Knot G & K in back.

The Front Fringe Skirt

1.Wrap A & B around waist.

2.Knot A & B above belly button.

Back Fringe Skirt  

1.Wrap A & B around waist.

2.Knot A & B above belly button.

Butterfly Jacket  

1.Hold sarong on shoulders with A in one hand and B with the other.

2.Tie A & C in a knot, and B & D in a knot.

3.Leave arms through holes.

4.Let fall into style.

Three Knot Dress  

1.Take A & C and wrap around chest.

2.Knot A & C above bust.

3.Turn knot to side.

4.Knot G & K on side of waist.

5.Knot B & D at side on bottom.


 …And that is just a small sampling of How to Tie A Sarong.  The uses for a sarong are really only limited to your imagination.  One tip though: not all sarongs are the same size. Even though more expensive, purchase a larger sized sarong as it allows you to wrap it in more ways.  Here are a few ideas of what you can do with a sarong – the perfect travel accessory!

  • Headband or Hatband: Fold your sarong into a 2″-3″ strip (widthwise) wrap around a hat or head and knot ends.
  • Scarf or Shawl: Drape over shoulders/neck & go!  Perfect for protecting your skin after a sunburn.
  • Wall Hanging or Tablecloth: Just hang on wall or drape over a table!
  • Beach throw: Spread your sarong open on the sand and you have a beach blanket
  • Sheets – perfect when traveling
  • Towel – in a hot and humid climate, a sarong is really all that is needed to dry off.

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