Bumper Stickers Rock!

Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers have been around for a long time. In the late 1920’s to 1940’s they were mostly made of metal or cardboard. However, they were not stickers at all. They were usually wired to the car instead. In 1946 Forest Gill, a silkscreen printer in Kansas, pioneered the use of self-adhesive paper for bumper stickers.

In 1956 there were a couple of monumental events. The first was that was the year I was born and another was the Presidential campaign between Eisenhower and Nixon and this was the first time that bumper stickers stickers were used in the campaigns. Since then they have become a big part of every political campaign no matter at what level of office.

In 1969 the Europeans started to require all cars to bear oval stickers with a three letter code to identify which country the vehicle is registered. In 1991 there was the Baker v. Glover in Alabama and Cunningham v. State in Georgia ruling that free speech applies to bumper stickers – although the debate continues.

Nowadays the bumper sticker has become a form of self expression and people place them on cars, books, school lockers and almost anywhere they can be placed. We’ve designed our stickers with an emphasis on the Caribbean Spirit. You can buy these online and we are offering free shipping. https://caribbeantrading.com/product-category/puerto-rican-products/caribbean-trading-company-stickers/  Our exclusive sticker designs and lamination process creates a high level of UV protection, protects stickers from moisture and abrasion, and guarantees durability up to five years. All of our stickers include air egress technology that eliminates air-bubbles when you apply them. We use premium 6.2mm vinyl which makes our products the most durable stickers on the market. We hope you enjoy!

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