What is Alcoholado? A Puerto Rican Home Remedy


Alcoholado can be found throughout Puerto Rico just about everywhere.  There are many styles and brands and we carry a couple of artisan brands here at the Caribbean Trading Company Store.  But we often get asked  by our customers for details on what it is and what alcoholado is good for.  We figured it was long past time to blog about it and share our insights….

There are over a dozen brands out there, each with a recipe that varies a bit.  However, the basic concept of Alcoholado is that it is a rubbing alcohol that has been infused with natural plants and other essential oils, primarily bay rum, eucalyptus, piper marginatum, pathchouli, ginger, limpia stoechadifolia, yellow sage, sweet scent, peppermint, and camphor.

It has a very strong smell to it, of which one thinks is very pleasant or very overpowering.  We love it though!  It has a wide-ranging list of uses, primarily as a rubbing alcohol for the use in massages to relieve symptoms associated with poor blood circulation, fever, arthritis, headache, muscular pain, fungus, insect bites, rheumatism, respiratory problems and neuralgia. It is a natural expectorant for congestion and eliminates mucus – perfect to combat colds, flus, bronchitis, and asthma. It is applied as a rubbing alcohol on the skin in the affected region.

I recently had a killer toothache and rubbed it on my jaw in the general vicinity of my toothache, and it definitely reduced the throbbing pain to the point where I could sleep!

It is also good for bug bites and bee stings.  Immediate application takes the itch and sting away.

Try it out now with these two brands:

Bush Mon Puerto Rico Alcoholado Caribbean Bush Medicine Blend

Santa Ana Alcoholado

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