Puerto Rican Hot Sauces – the Best of the Best and Where to Find Them

Puerto Rican Hot Sauces

For all of the hot sauce lovers out there, you know that there are a million hot sauces to choose from.  Hot sauce love has only come recently to Puerto Rico, but it is multiplying quickly and they have excellent flavor, reminiscent of  Latin and tropical flavor profiles.

Here is a rundown of the more popular brands of hot sauces and pique:

Traditional Piques

A traditional pique is an oil and vinegar based sauce that is infused with whole peppers, garlic, onions and  maybe culantro or other spices.  Traditionally found in every restaurant, pincho stand, and corner market.  An artisan traditional Puerto Rican pique that is really excellent.  Made with habanero peppers, it is very hot and is excellent accompaniment for any dish.  There are 8 flavors to choose from:

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Modern Hot Sauces

A modern hot sauce is epitomized by the use of a wide variety of peppers, including Caribbean sweet peppers, habanero, and scotch bonnets.  Tropical fruits and flavors are incorporated as well.

Crushed Pepper Sauces

Featuring tropical flavors in a heartier hot sauce, these crushed pepper sauces created by Caribbean Trading Company are meant to be thick and flavorful, enhancing any dish with the flavors of the tropics.  There is a full line of ten hot sauces with varying degrees of heat, but the most popular ones are:

  • Smoked Chipotle Passion Fruit Crushed Pepper Sauce
  • Scotch Bonnet/Papaya Punch Crushed Pepper Sauce
  • Fire Roasted Habañero Garlic Infused Crushed Pepper Sauce

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Heat up any dish is with some Puerto Rican hot sauce on the side. 

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