What Are the Most Popular Hobbies in Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico is a diverse Caribbean island not only known for its bustling culture and breathtaking landscapes but also for its wide range of hobbies. From the soothing sounds of the ocean waves to various activities that reflect the country’s rich cultural heritage, there’s something for every resident and tourist to enjoy. This article explores the most popular hobbies that keep people captivated and engaged in Puerto Rico. 

The Most Famous Hobbies in Puerto Rico

While there is an array of recreational activities to engage in and enjoy in the Caribbean, here is a list of some of the well-known ones:

  • Dancing
  • Beach activities like snorkelling, paddle boarding and surfing
  • Baseball
  • Hiking and outdoor adventures
  • Cycling
  • Music and instruments
  • Food and cooking
  • Bird watching
  • Art and craftsmanship
  • Cultural Festivals and Celebrations


In Puerto Rico, dancing is not just a hobby but a way of life. The infectious rhythms of Salsa, Reggaeton, and Merengue draw people to the dance floor. Everyone on the island, young or old, finds joy in letting loose and dancing the night away. The live music venues and local dance clubs take this pastime to the next level as they are the epicentres of this entertaining and engaging avocation. The contemporary vibes of Reggaeton, the sultry moves of Salsa, and the lively steps of Merengue bring together both dance amateurs and adepts. Whether you are a Puerto Rican or a tourist visiting the island, you can rest assured that you will get to groove to the beats of the Caribbean.

Beach Activities

Another popular hobby is Beach activities. The sun-kissed shores and crystal clear waters sum up the beach lifestyle experienced by residents of the isle. This is nothing but a haven for beach enthusiasts. The enclave offers beach activities such as swimming, paddleboarding, and snorkelling. These activities make Puerto Rico an ideal place to dive into enthralling water sports or bask in the sun.

Snorkelling lovers, on the one hand, can explore and enjoy the vibrant marine life beneath the waves, while surfers, on the other hand, have the chance to enjoy some of the best surf spots. Swimming and paddleboarding are great options for those seeking a more chilled beach experience. Not to forget, beach volleyball courts often host friendly tournaments, which bring people together to have fun.


Puerto Ricans adore the allure of baseball as it is a hobby that holds a special place in their hearts. The sport has a huge fanbase; most locals are passionate about watching and playing baseball games. In the same breath, the isle has produced some of the “big deal” League baseball players who have left a lasting legacy in the sport. Here are some of the notable Puerto Rican Baseball Players:

Player NameMLB Career Highlights
Ivan Rodriguez14-time All-Star, MVP
Yadier Molina9-time All Star 9 Gold Gloves
Roberto Clemente12-time All-Star, 2x MVP
Carlos Beltran 9-time All-Star, 3 Gold Gloves
Orlando Cepeda11-time All-Star, NL MVP

This shows that baseball is engraved in the hearts of Boricuas. The many local teams and leagues provide ample opportunities for baseball fans to indulge in this beloved leisure interest. As a result, this helps further enrich the baseball culture on the island of enchantment.

Hiking and Outdoor Adventures

One way to kick out boredom is by exploring the nature of a place. Puerto Rico offers a wealth of opportunities for trekking, exploring eye-catching natural landscapes and hiking. All these are great choices for people passionate about the great outdoors. One of the breathtaking must-visit destinations for nature connoisseurs is the El Yunque National Forest, a tropical forest and one of the most cherished natural gems of Borinquen.

The forest’s lush trails take you to an intriguing world of mesmerising waterfalls and panoramic vistas while providing you with a unique and invigorating hiking experience. Another outdoor activity that’s slowly becoming popular and aligning itself with well-known hobbies in Puerto Rico is mountain biking. The trails are designed to cater to riders of all skill levels, whether you are a seasoned cyclist or a beginner.


Similarly, cycling has steadily gained momentum as a popular pastime for Puerto Ricans. The diverse terrain, from mountainous trails to coastal roads, gives the citizens an unforgettable experience. Cyclists are spoilt for options as they can enjoy the warmth of the Caribbean sun and also explore the picturesque countryside, charming towns, and coastal vistas. With often organised cycling events and races, both international and local participants are brought together, which helps add a competitive edge to the leisure pursuit. 

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Music and Instruments

Just as dancing is held dearly by the Boricuas, so is music. Without a doubt, music is ingrained in the culture of Puerto Rico, making it a natural hub for all music enthusiasts. Some of the instruments that are deeply rooted in the culture include the guitar, maracas, and cuatro, which is a guitar-like instrument with four strings. The residents take learning to play these instruments seriously, as it allows individuals to connect with the soul-enriching melodies that exemplify Puerto Rican music. Furthermore, there are ad-hoc jamming sessions and unrehearsed performances with friends that bolster the musical togetherness on the island.

Food and Cooking

In the Caribbean, food serves not only as nourishment but also as a deep-seated passion. Experimenting with traditional recipes and creating culinary masterpieces that represent the island’s rich gastronomic heritage is nothing short of a fervent activity. For instance, learning to cook iconic dishes like tostones, which are simply fried green plantains or mofongo (mashed plantains), is considered a captivating hobby. Additionally, there are cooking classes and workshops that serve as an opportunity for the kitchen and food explorers to hone their culinary skills and enjoy the tantalising results. 

Bird Watching

Birdwatching is a breathtaking activity for both nature and bird admirers. With its diverse ecosystem, The “rich port” offers a haven of avian biodiversity. The lush rainforests and coastal areas make the place a one-of-a-kind destination for birdwatching. There is a great chance to spot various species, including elegant egrets, colourful parrots, and elusive warblers. This activity provides individuals with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the impressive natural beauty of the isle, more of what we call birdwatching in paradise.

Art and Craftsmanship

Most locals find joy and fulfilment in expressing their creativity through art and craftsmanship. There is an evident thriving arts and crafts scene where artisans have the freedom to create handmade treasures that embody the island’s history and culture. This entails activities such as crafting pottery, fashioning traditional vejigante masks, and weaving textiles. Similarly, the locals use art galleries and workshops to explore their artistic talents and skills and connect with fellow artists.

Cultural Festivals and Celebrations

Attending or participating in cultural festivals is a cherished hobby in Puerto Rico. Some of the most loved festivals include the San Sebastia͑n Street Festiva and the Ponce Carnival. These two are famous because of their thrilling music, fascinating dance performances, and mouth-watering cuisines. The celebrations offer insight into Puerto Rican culture’s core, allowing tourists and locals to fully engage in the land’s vibrant customs.


Wrapping up, in Puerto Rico, hobbies are not just pastimes. They are an integral part of the island’s way of life and culture. Spanning across culinary endeavors, dancing, art, and craftsmanship to the soothing embrace of nature, Puerto Ricans have a diverse tapestry of leisure activities that showcase their deep connection to their cultural legacy and the unquestionable stunning beauty that encircles them. There is something for everyone to enjoy. You can explore the tropical rainforests, savor delicious dishes, or sway to Salsa beats while creating lasting memories through these vibrant leisure pursuits.

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