Welcome to El Yunque Art District

el yunque art district

El Yunque Art District is the main center of Palmer, Puerto Rico. Palmer is at the base of El Yunque and is the welcoming sister community to El Yunque National Rainforest. It is made up of souvenir shops, art galleries, eateries and basic services like a post office, gas station, notary and doctor’s office. It is the home of Local art and culture on the east end of Puerto Rico and is worth a stop for lunch and shopping on your way to or from El Yunque.  You can stay up to date by following our Facebook page at www.ElYunqueArtDistrict.com

The EL Yunque Art District is currently undergoing a $3 million dollar facelift, including new sidewalks, roads, and landscaping to turn it into a world-class entrance to the El Yunque Rainforest. Stop in for:

Anibal’s Bar – 1

Cafeteria – 2 – Local Food

Caribbean Trading Company – 3 – Art, Cigars, Souvenirs

Castro Ferreteria – 4 – Hardware Store

Coqui International – 5 – Local Art, Souvenirs

Degree 18 Juice Bar – 6 – (Opening Soon) Smoothies, Craft beers

La Caña – 7 – (Opening Jan.) Hand-made Ice Cream, Candies

Lluvia Deli Bar & Artefacto – 8 – Light Menu, Pastries, Coffee

Mi Vida Café & Burgers – 9 – Burgers, Wraps, Mojitos

Palmer Medical Services – 10

Pizza Land – 11 – Pizza, Calzones, Gyros

Puertorrican Bakery – 12 – Bakery and Local Cuisine

Puma Gas Station – 13

U.S. Post Office – 14

www.ElYunqueArtDistrict.com www.ElYunqueArtDistrict.com

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