Thanksgiving Traditions in Puerto Rico

Thanksgiving Traditions in Puerto Rico

Thanksgiving is a relatively new holiday in Puerto Rican history, as it was only adopted after Puerto Rico officially became a US Territory in the late 1800’s. The locals have embraced the holiday eagerly and whole-heartedly. Thanksgiving Traditions in Puerto Rico are very similar to those in the mainland – businesses are closed, families gather and feast and the next day is full of bargain hunting and excessive amounts of shopping.

So what’s different about a Puerto Rican Thanksgiving? The food of course! Puerto Ricans have added their own twist and flavor into the traditional Thanksgiving Day meal, including the Turkey (called Pavochón), stuffing and side dishes.

Perhaps the most important part of a Puerto Rican Thanksgiving, is the preparation for the Christmas Season, which is truly a magical time of year on the island. Many families dedicate time on Thanksgiving to begin decorating for Christmas (perhaps even put up a tree) and preparing for the upcoming season, as Thanksgiving is seen as the unofficial kick-off of the Christmas Season.

Whether Puerto Rican’s celebrate a traditional Thanksgiving or a version all their own, you can bet that there will be lots of family time, food and shopping around the island!

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