So Many Things to Do in Loiza Puerto Rico

Loiza pinones caribbean trading company

Loiza is located on the northeast coast of Puerto Rico and has a rich history!  Below you will find some brochures from the town of interesting places to visit, enjoy and eat.

Highlight of Attractions:

Cueva Maria de La Cruz

Archaelogical site where they found the first instance of humans in Puerto Rico.  It was also a popular location for escaped slaves to hide out.


This is a long lovely stretch of beach with amazing kioskos (roadside food stands) where you can enjoy seafood and the typical foods of Puerto Rico

El Batey de los Hermanos Ayala

This is the studio of the famous Ayalas who are renowned for their vejigante masks made of coconut.  Dancing and music in the style of the traditional bomba and plena is also found here.

Pinones Forest

With a boardwalk that is great for walking and biking, this forest reserve makes for a great outing.

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