Ritual Bath Salts. All You Need to Know About It

Baths are a great way to relax after a tough or stressful day. Moreover, there are some additives than can transform your bath into a ritual: bath salts.

These salts are blends of natural plants, fruits, or flowers, essential oils, and salt. This last item is often obtained from evaporating seawater getting a salt with high mineral content and all of its properties that we will discuss shortly.

Transforming your regular bath into a ritual will give you a lot of benefits that will depend on the bath salt composition.

Why Should I Use Bath Salts

Giving yourself the time to make a ritual bath is its first benefit, allowing you to have time to relax and rest after a busy day. This time is yours and you should be the only thought on your mind. By taking a ritual bath you should be able to wipe out the stress and be ready for a new day.

Now, if you add to your ritual bath some bath salts you can increase the relaxation and get some benefits for your health and beauty. Of course, it will depend on the ingredients used to complement the salt.

Ritual Bath Salts Benefits

When we refer to the benefits that ritual bath salts can give to you it’s necessary to point out that depending on the salt add-ins they may vary. It could be chocolate, lavender, coffee, roses, etc. and each has its properties. Anyways there’s a common ingredient, the salt so we should start there.

Sea Salt Benefits

As the salt used in this product is always sea salt, we can tell some benefits common to all sea salts. Independent on if it is Dead Sea salt, Himalayan salt, or Caribbean Sea salt it will provide you with:

  • Contributes magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron, and potassium: important minerals for optimal body functioning. Most people don’t ingest them in the recommended quantities. These minerals can be absorbed through the skin.
  • Strengthens the immune system: due to the high concentration of minerals that you are exposed to during the bath. These minerals are necessary for your immune system and increase its activity.
  • Boosts your energy: the magnesium present in sea salts is key for your body to manage stress. When you lack it, the stress may affect your sleep or cause muscle fatigue. Soaking in water rich in magnesium will increase your intake of this mineral.
  • Relieves muscle and rheumatologic disease pain: the water is denser than the air and even denser if you pour some bath salt. Because of this, your body will be lighter, and your muscles and joints will get weight relief, benefiting from it.
  • Lowers respiratory congestion: the steam of salted water proper from a bath can clear the respiratory tract. In fact, if you’re suffering from an allergy or a respiratory infection, the salted steam could prevent mucus build-up for a considerable period.
  • Improves quality sleep: a warm salt bath will relax your muscles giving your body the relief of pressure that it needs. When the time to sleep comes, you’ll suffer less disrupted rest due to the signals of relaxation that your body gave to your brain.
  • Cleanses the skin: salt tends to open the pores and remove toxins, control the excessive oil of the skin and detach dead skin. Salt baths are commonly used as a treatment for psoriasis, acne, and skin infections with incredible results.

Jojoba and Coconut Oil Benefits

Two of the most common essential oils accompanying the bath salts are jojoba oil and coconut oil. Both are great for the skin and the hair, enhancing the benefits that ritual bath salts can provide you with. In addition to all the sea salt benefits, jojoba and coconut oil are:

  • Great to hydrate the skin: both oils are easily absorbed by the skin, keeping it hydrated and soft. Also, both are great moisture providers, giving this way a natural and healthy shine to the skin.
  • Hair moisture preservative: coconut and jojoba oil are great hair repairers since they can hydrate the hair from the core to the surface. They also seal the cracks in the hair shaft, keeping all the moisture within the hair, repairing, and preventing breakage.
  • Skin nourisher: vitamins and minerals present in jojoba oil, such as Vitamin E, B, copper, and zinc, are great for the skin. For its part, coconut oil doesn’t have vitamin or mineral contribution, but it provides a protective barrier that prevents exposure to environmental toxins.
  • Anti-frizz: due to these oils’ property to moisturize the hair and keeps it this way. This means that after taking a salt bath with these two oils, you could experience less or no frizz at all.
  • Anti Aging: thanks to the high hydration properties, jojoba and coconut oil, can soak into the skin and fill fine lines and wrinkles.

Coffee Benefits

The Caribbean Sea salt with coffee will add to your ritual bath salts the benefits of the coffee. In addition to all the benefits you could get from sea salt, jojoba, and coconut oil, what can the coffee give you is:

  • Cellulite reduction: thanks to the caffeine content in the coffee that dilates the blood vessels under the skin. This allows the blood to have a good flow decreasing the cellulite.
  • Calming effects: while ingesting coffee will stimulate your body when applied as a topic (in the skin) it has a soothing effect. This seems to be caused by the anti-oxidants present in the coffee.
  • Acne treatment: the coffee has a component called chlorogenic acid (CGA) that is great both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.
  • Anti-inflammatory action: due to the presence of chlorogenic acid and melanoidins, which can help reduce some inflammatory processes.

Chocolate Benefits

facts about chocolate

If you love chocolate then the Caribbean Sea salt with chocolate will please you in more ways than just make you smell incredible well. In fact, the chocolate present in this ritual salt bath can benefit you with:

  • Moisturizing the skin: dark chocolate has an exceptional capability to moisturize the dermis.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties: the high concentrations of cocoa in dark chocolate, make it a great anti-inflammatory ally. This makes chocolate good to treat some skin inflammations or irritations like acne or rosacea.
  • Rich in antioxidants: antioxidants have proven to be great anti-aging agents, which chocolate has a lot. These antioxidants will slow the natural deterioration of the skin.
  • Makes the hair more elastic: the magnesium and Vitamin B1 of the chocolate will help you if you have brittle hair. This vitamin and mineral are key in reinforcing and improving hair elasticity.

Mango Benefits

Mango is that tropical fruit which smell always reminiscent of the Caribbean. Well, you could have that sensation of being in the Caribbean Sea with some Caribbean Sea salt with mango. If that doesn’t convince you, maybe these properties of the mango will:

  • Enhances hair growth: vitamins found in mangoes like Vitamin A and Vitamin C stimulate the growth of healthy and strong hair.
  • Collagen formation: this is an important protein involved in the skin’s structural integrity and elasticity. Thanks to the Vitamin C present in mangoes, collagen formation increases.
  • Treats dandruff: due to the antiseptic properties of the mango (still to determine why are mangoes antiseptic), make it a good dandruff fighter.
  • Reduces dead cells: the alpha-hydroxy acids found in mangoes can break the dead skin cells links, cleaning your dermis of them. After dead cells are removed, new cells will be at the surface revealing a softer and fresher skin.

How to Use Bath Salts in the Shower

Ritual bath salts surely are great for a lot of things, but what happens if you don’t have a bath or you can’t take baths. Well, that doesn’t have to be a problem, there are some possibilities for you to have a ritual salt shower.

Use Them as an Exfoliator

Using your ritual bath salts as an exfoliating scrub is a great way to take advantage of all its benefits but add one. Salt is a great natural exfoliator that will scrub all dead skin cells efficiently. Just rub the salt directly on your wet skin for a while and then continue with your shower routine.

Let Them Soak in Your Skin

If you are worried about exfoliating because your skin may be sensitive, don’t worry! You can still get all the bath salts’ properties. After moisturizing your dermis in the shower, apply the salt directly to your skin and let it soak for a while.

This may only take a little longer, but is important to take your time after all despite being a shower instead of a bath, it still is your ritual shower.

Put Them in a Shower Pouch

Shower pouches are small sachets especially designed to use bath salts in the shower. It will help to slowly disintegrate the salts within the pouch as the water flows through it. This will allow your body to absorb the ingredients in the ritual bath salts through the skin, just as if you were bathing.

Buy Bath Salts Online

A lot of good things can be acquired from bath salts, that’s sure, but if you still don’t know where to buy some, well buying online is your best option. The real question then would be where can I buy bath salts online? The answer is simple: in the Caribbean Trading store.

In Caribbean Trading, you’ll find great bath salts. Which are made with sea salt from the Caribbean Sea, jojoba, and coconut oil, and you can choose between various fragrances.

Don’t wait any longer, transform your routine shower into a ritual bath or shower with these ritual bath salts and begin relaxing today!

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