Old San Juan Guide for Visitors

old san juan guide

This Old San Juan Guide will get you orientated in preparation for your visit.  Old San Juan is the oldest settlement within Puerto Rico and the historic colonial section of the city of San Juan.


Visit San Cristobal Fort

San Juan was founded in 1521 located in the North West of the city. Old San Juan is full of colorful architecture and rich history. It’s also home to San Cristóbal Fortress that offers sweeping views of the city and provides a journey back to the colonizing days where it was used to fight off any invaders. It was also used to hold people captive but it all stopped when the Americans won the Spanish-American war in 1898.  Over the years it’s now a museum that people can visit.


Stroll the Streets

Old San Juan is a very populated area and well known for shopping in the Historic District of Old San Juan. In Old San Juan the streets are filled with stores, artisans and restaurants to go and visit.  You can find Caribbean Trading’s awesome products in many of the stores there. I like to go eat and party at the different plazas and food trucks.


Visit El Morro Fort 

I suggest one of the first things to do in San Juan is to go visit El Morro to see the views.  See how everything operated in the past. Next best thing is to fly a kite in the grassy area in front. By then you’ve probably worked up an appetite! .


Visit the Museums and Art Galleries

From the Children’s Museum to Casa Blanca, the home of Juan Ponce de Leon to a bunch of art galleries, there are many museums and art galleries throughout Old San Juan.  Learn about Pablo Casals or Feliza Rincon de Gautier, the first female mayor.  This site has up-to-date information on what’s open.


There are also some tourist spots for kayaking and paddle boarding.  If you’ve done everything listed here, then go and visit the casinos if that interests you.

If you want to explore outside the city, visit our store in Rio Grande in Palmer next to El Yunque.  We also have a store in Rincon. Caribbean Trading Company has the best gift shops in the Island. Try our hot sauce challenge.  We offer a great family experience.  Our employees will guide you and give you great tips on fun places to go.

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