The Nature Lover’s List of What to Do: Puerto Rico Nature

puerto rico nature

What to do in Puerto Rico? For a Nature Lover, Puerto Rico nature has lots to explore. A traveling nature lover may not know what to do in Puerto Rico, so below we share a few of our crew’s favorite spots. From the beaches, to the rainforest, and everything in between there is something to fill every nature lovers need; even our young nature lovers in training.

Canyoneering in San German:

This nature lover’s adventure near the west side of the island will take you to one of the more unknown places. Walking down beautiful trails surrounded by 100 feet tall trees will lead you to a 70 foot rappel down the canyon. Nature lovers will enjoy this view of natural pools of blue water. To finish off the trip, you will rappel down a second time, next to an unbelievable 50 foot waterfall and finish with a dip in a natural pool that is over 8 feet deep. This nature lover’s adventure needs about 6 hours to be completed with a trained guide.

Mar Chiquita (Little Ocean) Beach:

This is a picture perfect beach for nature lovers because of the unique creation of this beach area. The beach is protected by a wall made of limestone with an opening into the ocean. There are many large rocks great for exploring, but be careful because the rocks become slippery and you can be knocked down by large waves. On the right side of the beach some rocks have sectioned off part of the beach to make a small, very calm pool; this area would be perfect for a young nature lover in training to swim. Located on the north side of the island near Vega Baja, Mar Chiquita is the perfect getaway for a nature lover looking for a quick day trip from San Juan.

Las Vegas:

Las Vegas is a river located between Maricao and Mayaguez. There is an “off the beaten trail” located between the houses and the recreational area, where nature lovers can enjoy a short 5 minute walk. Once you reach the river you can find a breathtaking 15 foot waterfall that empties into a 7 foot deep pool. To enjoy this west-side of the island adventure make sure the weather conditions are good.

La Marquesa Forest Park:

This Park is a great place for nature lovers to spend the whole day exploring all the different activities offered. This adventure is great for both the experienced nature lovers out there and our young nature lovers that enjoy direct contact with nature. This is a great way to experience the colorful birds and butterflies of Puerto Rico. The butterfly garden contains hundreds of colorful Monarch Butterflies, scientifically known as Danaus Plexippus. After spending some quality time with the butterflies, our nature lovers can head over the Aviary to see cockatoos, macaws, eclectus, ducks, and other bright colored birds. Also located inside La Marquesa Forest Park is a Prehistoric Animal Exhibition that will include trails with impressive dinosaur statues. Nature Lovers can enjoy this family-friendly adventure in Guaynabo Tuesday-Sunday from 9am-5pm.

Roca El Yunque Trail:

Located in the north-central part of El Yunque National Forest, the start of this trail is about a three-quarter mile walk from Mt. Britton trail and behind an antenna station. Nature lovers can appreciate the spectacular views from this short trail, including “el bosque enano” (the dwarf forest), small intertwining trees covered in moss and ferns and vegetation unique to Puerto Rico. This trail is definitely worth the walk for nature lovers who have physical stamina and enjoy experiencing Puerto Rico off the beaten path. After experiencing the interior of El Yunque, head over to Caribbean Trading Company to pick up all your souvenir and gift needs in a relaxing environment. Click here to view products available and to get directions to the store, only about a 5 minute drive from El Yunque.

So when asking what to do in Puerto Rico, plan an adventure to one of these nature lover spots.

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