Health Benefits of Hot Sauce

Benefits of Hot Sauce

There are many benefits of hot sauce. Considering buying some Caribbean hot sauce to spice up your life? Well we have some great news for you that will help you make that decision to stock up on our mouth-watering Caribbean Trading Crushed Pepper Sauces. Hot sauce is good for you because of the nutritional value in chilies, the sauce’s primary ingredient. Peppers contain lots of vitamins C and A, which can help prevent cancer, wrinkled skin, high blood pressure, common colds, and cataracts. Our crushed pepper sauces offer a boost of vitamin C and capsaicin.

There are many benefits in eating Crushed Pepper Sauces:

Help Digestion

The spiciness in our hot sauces stimulates stomach secretions and blood flow to the stomach. Everyone always says to avoid spicy foods when you have stomach ulcer, but it may actually help heal them by pumping more blood to the stomach area and thickening the mucous lining.

Help Battle Depression

By eating something hot your body naturally releases endorphins, your body’s “happy drug”. Capsaicin brings on endorphins and can improve your mood. Endorphins resemble opiates in how they work, by relieving pain and promoting a sense of well being.

Cure the Common Cold

Everyone knows when you have stuffed sinuses the quick cure is to eat something extra spicy to clear your passages. Caribbean Trading Company Crushed Pepper Sauces will do the trick in no time. During a research study, it was found that the main ingredients in hot sauces also can battle against bacteria, like Salmonella.

Weight Loss

If you are like many of us around the world, setting goals to lose weight, buying some hot sauce could help. Spicy sauces may boost your metabolic rate, can help you eat less and feel satisfied. Our crushed pepper sauces also are low in calories, unlike many other condiments.

Next time you are bringing out condiments for your favorite burgers or putting together your picnic basket, make sure you throw in one of your favorite Caribbean Trading Company Crushed Pepper Sauces and TURN UP THE HEAT!


This article was written by Captain Tim and the Crew of Caribbean Trading Company.

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