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Puerto Rico Attractions

When you think about Puerto Rico, what comes to mind? Delectable food…Vibrant music and passionate dancing? …. Exhilarating out-door activities? …. Picturesque beaches?  Well if that is what you’re thinking about Puerto Rico Attractions then you are only half-right.

There is so much more to do in Puerto Rico from lying on the beaches to surfing to dancing it up all night, to taking in the rich culture and history, and much, much, much more.

When planning your next vacation, you would be cheating yourself, if you don’t make the Puerto Rico islands the center of your trip. Puerto Rico is situated between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, and lies just east of the Dominican Republic. Puerto Rico weather averages between 85+ degrees and 91+degrees all year long.

For more adventure and Puerto Rico Attractions, head on over to Old San Juan where you can walk in the legendary shoes of the Spaniards who travelled those paths over 400 hundred years ago. Futhermore, for the artist in you, there is history told through vivid art. There are many famous and memorable art pieces at Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico (MAPR) in Santurce. The fine arts display holds over 130,000 pieces of art, including an outstanding collection from the 17th century.

Is your appetite wet yet? For more rich culture, uncover the history of the Américas at the small museum Museo de las Américas, where you can see the impact of the African culture on the island. Go further south to explore the

After you’ve had your fill of the extraordinary past, stay on to partake of the nightlife in the old city.  You wouldn’t want to miss out on the Live Parties.

Now to truly enjoy these Live Parties the right way, plan your trip in advance as some of them last for days. For example, the Christmas season gives way to days of festivities that begin early in December and last till Christmas Day.

If you think that that is high-level merriment then you need to make arrangements to also stick around for Year End celebrations. The San Sebastián Street Festivals, which are held in January all over Old San Juan but mainly on San Sebastián Street, consists of thousands of people taking over the street for 4 straight days to party and enjoy music, food, art and cocktails until the late hours of the night

If street parties are not your thing, there are also other nighttime activities. From sultry salsa dancing to casino nights to nightclub entertainment and socializing.

You can grab your dancing shoes and run to the bohemian Nuyorican Café in the friendly Old San Juan vicinity. Nuyorican uniqueness is that it’s open six days a week and it has live music.

Of course you cannot embrace all that is Puerto Rico in one day. Therefore on day 2 you can enjoy the beaches and more of the outdoors. There are beaches to match your mood or the type of enjoyment you’re looking for.

Imagine yourself on the beach alone or with a loved one or with your family…You can go to the Blue Flag Beaches to get away from it all. There are about 300 beaches in Puerto Rico, some of which are secluded and can be made available to you via an escort.

Perhaps you’re in search of a little more excitement. To suit that mood, you can find the right beach where you can dive deep, and explore, one of the most fascinating coral reefs in the Caribbean. For something even more thrilling, there are beaches in Puerto Rico which offer surfing, hip paddle boarding and a range of water sports. As far as surfing goes Puerto Rico has been ranked one of the top locations in the world. Should you ask surfers who know, they’ll describe it as “The Hawaii of The Atlantic”.

What more? Well try a true walk on the wild side. Visit the Bio Bays, Camping Sites and Tropical Rainforest that will bring out the pioneer, or maybe the daredevil in you. Of course if you’re just into a different kind of Wild Night, there are beaches to just be seen at and party-the-time-away.  El Yunque Rainforest and the Luquillo Beaches are prime Puerto Rico Attractions!  Stop in and visit us at the Caribbean Trading Company Store!

Since you’ve decided to spend the day outside, consider the second highest peak in the Cordillera Central mounting range in Hacienda Toro Negro. Avail yourself to hikes, sightseeing and camping on Route 143, the core of the Panoramic Route. Or why not visit Toro Verde, a zip line park like none other. It contains the notorious, “The Beast” One of the many zip line rides.

Now that you have been enlightened and your interest is peaked begin to make plans to visit the Puerto Rico Islands!


This article was written by Captain Tim and the Crew of Caribbean Trading Company.

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