Caribbean Drink Guide

caribbean drink guide

The Caribbean is known for its cocktails and other types of drinks.  This Caribbean Drink Guide will take you through some of the most popular ones. The Caribbean is home to beautiful white sandy beaches, blue sea, and arguably the best tasting rum in the world! This tropical paradise is the inspiration for many famous and colorful rum-based delights that quench the thirst. 

There are many mouthwatering cocktails to enjoy Caribbean style. Whether you’re shaking up a refreshing drink ready for a sunny afternoon at home or wanting to impress your friends at your next get together, you need to know your Mojitos from your punches! 

Below are the top must-try Caribbean drinks in our Caribbean Drink Guide, with a little history so you can look like you know your stuff. 

caribbean drink guide


Rum Punch

Each Caribbean island has its twist on this famous classic. The concoction of the five-ingredients that make up the punch was initially brought over by British sailors. They picked it up on their travels through India. The thirsty sailors then mixed in some Caribbean rum, and a rum punch was born. 

To blend the perfect balance of tastes according to Barbadians, you must use Jamaican rum. Then add orange juice, grenadine, and Pineapple juice. 

Pina Colada

The pina colada is another world-famous cocktail that has a mysterious history. The pina colada is recognized for being a Puerto Rican invented drink. Yet its creation could have happened initially in Cuba. The mix up is a long-standing debate, with two restaurants claiming they were the first to serve the creamy but boozy drink. 

You will need white and dark rum, coconut cream, and pineapple juice to mix up the perfect pina colada. Many cocktail lovers enjoy this drink over crushed ice. 


A refreshing and fruity summer evening drink, the mojito is simple yet packed full of flavor. Cuba has all of the bragging rights for the mojito, and it’s reportedly one of the oldest rum-based drinks in the Caribbean. 

The mojito has even been immortalized further in the pages of famous writer Ernest Hemingway’s work. 

A mojito is quick to whizz up. All you need is a white rum, sugar (plenty of it), limes, sparkling water, and fresh spearmint leaves. 

Try Caribbean Trading’s natural Lime Cane Sugars as the perfect pairing with Mojitos.


Bahama Mamas

Originating in the Bahamas, the Bahama Mamas is a boozy affair. Yet, it’s balanced out perfectly with citrus fruits and sometimes coffee. Its history is shrouded in uncertainty, but for a good reason. The Bahamas was once an alcohol smuggling hotspot during prohibition days. It was thought that the Bahama Mamas was a prohibition creation that soon turned into a favorite.

To make a Bahama Mamas at home, the most straightforward recipe includes orange and pineapple juice. Then add the Malibu rum, Spiced rum, Bacardi rum, grenadine, and crushed ice for a nice chill.

Caribbean Coffee

The Caribbean islands are also well known for growing bounties of rich and flavorsome coffee beans. From Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee to Dominican Republic’s Santo Domingo coffee.  

Coffee beans grow so well on the Caribbean islands nestled in the mountains due to the climate and longevity of the sunshine. 

Of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without mixing two of the Caribbean’s most famous ingredients. A Caribbean coffee is a sweet warming mixture of dark rum, coffee, whipped cream, and sugar. 

You can drip, decant, and ice your Caribbean coffee as if sitting on one of the paradise islands today. For further coffee inspiration, displays some great ways to get your coffee fix. 



There’s no better feeling than sitting back and enjoying something homemade. That feeling is amplified further when it’s something yummy. Now you know how to cater your next cocktail party, why not give the recipes a try and see which one you prefer. 

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