8 Must See Cultural Attractions | Caribbean Destinations

Caribbean Destinations

The Caribbean islands are known for their clear water, sunshine and laid back lifestyle amidst a lush tropical setting. However, every island’s culture is different and these cultural influences from the west, the early African slave trade and indigenous tribes blend together to give each island its unique identity and where harmony is displayed in every setting.

These cultural influences have all played a major part in the Caribbean lifestyle as it is experienced today. Barbados has retained much of British heritage and seen as a western culture while Jamaica has retained little of its colonial cultural influences. The U.S. Virgin Islands have a definite American feel about them while the Dominican Republic is still under developed to a large degree. In the Caribbean, you will find citizens that range from aristocrats to Rastafarians.

These Caribbean Destinations have many attractions you have to see when visiting and we will list a few of them for you.

Caribbean Destinations

Stingray City:

Travel to the northwestern tip of the Grand Cayman Islands and find this experience of a lifetime. Snorkel or dive in shallow crystal clear waters and be greeted by magnificent stingrays. Swim with these tame beasts from the sea and see them beg for food.

The Baths

In the Virgin Islands of Virgin Gorda you will find this breathtaking attraction. It features gigantic boulders spread along the coastline amidst crystal clear waters. Spread along the coast, these baths are tidal pools set amongst these boulders. You will also find caves and caverns you can explore on this island. This is an absolute must see.

El Yunque

This also known as The Caribbean National Forest and is located in Puerto Rico. It covers 28,000 acres of land offering many hiking trails through the forest. A guide will take you on this memorable journey among 70 species of birds and home to the rare green parrot. El Yunque is one of the most beautiful attractions in the Caribbean.

Dun’s River Falls

Travel to Jamaica, experience this 600-foot waterfall, and follow the stone steps to experiencing this marvellous attraction. When you reach the top of the waterfall, a market awaits you where you can shop for unique gifts. The waterfall leads to the warmer waters down below.

Old San Juan

This Spanish influenced shopping district with its cobble streets, old forts, centuries old architecture offers you a festive atmosphere, and shopping to your heart’s content. You will enjoy the ambience with fountains, many statues and tree lined streets while enjoying the local hospitality.

St. John National Park

The U.S. Virgin Islands feature a tropical paradise that is a National Park and comprises 66% of the island of St. John. Take the popular Reef Bay trail along the coast and see remnants of sugar plantations and exotic plant and tree life. You can also take underwater trails that the popular trail at Trunk Beach.

Barbados sea turtles

Visit the island of Barbados and experience the magnificent sea turtles swimming inches from you on a snorkelling adventure on this laid-back island. See them gliding and try keeping up with them while you explore the island later.

St. Lucia’s volcano

Visit one of the few active volcanoes in the world on this island. You park right against the volcano and the guide will take you on the tour complete with lava and the familiar sulphur smell. Apart from this natural wonder, you will enjoy the beaches of this island with its warm water and pure white sand.


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