What Are the Top Options for Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs?


Many people love traveling to exotic, stunning, and fascinating Caribbean destinations, such as the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. This is a destination that offers everything from incredible scenery to rich culture. Located east of the Dominican Republic, it is the smallest island of the Greater Antilles and is a territory of the United States. For American citizens, this means that they can enter the island without a passport, and can relocate there if they wish.

But what about the requirements for other Caribbean destinations? There are lots of options you can consider, and turning to Citizenship by Investment programs can provide the ideal solution.

Known for their stunning beauty, flexible investment options, ease of application, favorable tax environments, and increased global mobility, several Caribbean countries shine as the premier choices for individuals seeking a second citizenship. 

These countries offer robust and exceptional pathways for individuals and families looking to obtain a second passport. The numerous advantages and benefits they offer make them highly sought after globally. 

If you want to unlock the world of opportunities these programs offer, read on as we explore the benefits and top options for Caribbean CBI programs. 

Benefits of Citizenship by Investment Programs

Caribbean citizenship programs offer numerous benefits to interested individuals. Some of the top benefits include:

Enhanced Global Mobility

Caribbean passport grants visa-free entry into over 150 countries worldwide, including the Schengen nations, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, and China

Business Expansion

With Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs, you can expand your business into the CARICOM countries. The global mobility you’ll enjoy will also enable you to expand into other regions 

Tax Benefits

Caribbean countries offer favorable tax policies. They do not tax capital gains, foreign income, gifts, and inheritance

Personal Well-being

The Caribbean’s azure waters and relaxed atmosphere offer an idyllic lifestyle. It provides an escape from stress and serves as an alternate residence in cases of political tension in your home country

No residency requirement

Unlike some countries, you do not need to reside in a Caribbean country to qualify for the CBI program. You can apply for the program and get your second passport from anywhere in the world 

Top Citizenship by Investment Programs in the Caribbean

Currently, only five of the Caribbean nations offer citizenship by investment programs. While they offer similar benefits, they all have distinct advantages to consider. Ultimately, your choice will depend on your reasons for seeking a second citizenship. 

Here is a breakdown of the CBI programs and what they offer.

St.Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment Program

This two-island country boasts the longest-run citizenship-by-investment program in the Caribbean. It’s been running its program since 1984 and remains the platinum standard for CBI programs. 

St. Kitts and Nevis offers an economically and politically stable environment. Thanks to its turquoise waters, majestic mountains, stunning beaches, and lush tropical rainforests, it has one of the largest tourism industries worldwide. St. Kitts and Nevis CBI program offers:

  • Citizenship in three to six months
  • Visa-free travel to 156 countries, including the EU, Hong Kong, Russia, Singapore, and the UK. Its passport ranks 25th globally
  • No residency requirement
  • No tax on inheritance, capital gains, and foreign income
  • Automatic tax residency upon citizenship approval

Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program

Antigua and Barbuda is a stunning tropical paradise on the Eastern Caribbean Sea. It is a popular destination for tourists and those seeking excellent offshore banking services. Additionally, the Antigua and Barbuda CBI program offers: 

  • The most affordable option for family citizenships. With a $100,000 non-refundable donation, you can obtain citizenship for a family of four. It also allows you to include siblings, older children, and grandparents at additional costs
  • Citizenship in three to six months
  • Visa-free entry to 150 countries
  • Citizenship can be passed down to future generations
  • No residency requirement before citizenship approval and only five days of residency are required in the first five years of citizenship
  • No tax on inheritance, foreign income, or wealth

St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program

This stunning volcanic island is one of the most captivating destinations in the Caribbean. Besides its stunning natural beauty, St. Lucia boasts advanced facilities and modern infrastructure. However, St.Lucia’s CBI program stands out because it offers more investment options than other Caribbean countries. It also offers:

  • Citizenship in three to six months
  • Passport ranked 31st globally with visa-free access to 146 countries
  • No tax on foreign income, inheritance, or capital gains
  • No residency requirement
  • Government bond investment option (National Action Bond), besides the other investment options offered by Caribbean CBI programs

Grenada Citizenship By Investment Program

Popularly known as the “Isle of Spice,” Grenada boasts a thriving economy hinged on agriculture and tourism. It introduced its Citizenship by Investment Program, and in ten years, the program has become one of the best in the world. Grenada CBI program offers:

  • Citizenship in less than six months
  • Visa-free travel to 144 countries, including China
  • Access to US E-2 business visa valid for two years and subject to renewal
  • Family-friendly packages. Allows you to include your spouse, children below 30, unmarried siblings, parents, and grandparents.
  • No tax on inheritance, capital gains, or foreign income
  • No residency requirement

Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program

Next to St. Kitts & Nevis, Dominica has the second longest-run CBI program in the Caribbean. Its program was introduced in 1993 and has since attracted millions of investors. Its year-round weather, pristine beaches, towering mountains, majestic waterfalls, enchanting hot springs, and tropical rainforests make it a popular tourist destination. Dominica CBI program offers:

  • Citizenship in less than six months
  • Visa-free entry to 144 countries, including Russia and China
  • Family-inclusive options
  • No residency requirement
  • No tax on inheritance, foreign income, or capital gains

Qualifying Investment Options for CBI Programs

Caribbean Citizenship by Investment programs offer various investment options for interested individuals. They include:

  • Non-Refundable Donation: This option entails making a non-refundable contribution to a government development fund, starting at $100,000. Except for Antigua and Barbuda, the minimum non-refundable donation increases with additional family members
  • Real Estate Investment: Caribbean CBI programs offer citizenship in exchange for real estate investment starting at $200,000
  • An investment of at least $300,000 in St. Lucia’s non-interest government bond (National Action Bond), which you must hold for at least five years
  • A minimum investment of $1 million in an approved enterprise project worth at least $6 million in St. Lucia
  • For Antigua and Barbuda, you can make a non-refundable donation of at least  $150,000 to the University of West Indies

Apply for Your Second Citizenship

Now that you know the benefits of obtaining a second citizenship and the top Caribbean CBI programs, it’s time to start your application for one. Ensure you employ the services of a professional to benefit from a smooth and hassle-free application process.

If you choose Puerto Rico as your next destination, we are waiting for you in our stores to bring you the best of the island!

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