Top 5 Valentines Day Gifts from the Caribbean

valentines day gifts

Everyone has a strong opinion about Valentine’s Day – but whether you choose to embrace it or deride it, chances are you may need a gift to give that special someone. Here are the top 5 valentine’s day gifts coming out of the Caribbean. Heck, if you are really feeling romantic, pair one of these items with plane tickets down to the Caribbean for a romantic getaway!

  1. Rum Cake

Nothing says love like a decadent rum cake for two. This rum cake, coming in at 4oz. is the perfect size to share with a loved one. They yellow cake is moist with rum and the walnuts perfectly offset the boozy cake. The perfect post-dinner dessert!

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  1. Artisan Soaps

Bath for two anyone? These soaps will produce an excellent lather and a decadent scent for that quality time you spend in the bathtub! You can bathe in comfort knowing they are handmade, all natural and vegan and organic! Get your Soap Here.

  1. Artisan Candles

Everyone needs candles for Valentine’s Day. Whether you are dining over a meal or preparing that bedroom or bathroom for that special moment, candles are a must! Try one of our 100% Soy Wax candles to help get the mood right. Check them out Here.

  1. Spices

Nothing says romance more than a well thought-out home-cooked meal. (especially if this is not your normal thing). To make something truly fantastic and out of the norm, you will need some excellent spices to start your romantic meal with.   Get them Here.

  1. Heat things up!

For that hot sauce lover, or as a way to send that special message, consider some hot sauce with a hand-written tag talking about how your loved one keeps life spicy or how they make you hot! Maybe a little racy, but cute all the same…. Get your hot sauce Here.


This article was written by Captain Tim and the Crew of Caribbean Trading Company.

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