Some Interesting Facts About Chocolate

facts about chocolate

Chocolate is a favorite treat across the world and has a long history. Here are some interesting facts about chocolate. From its’ health benefits, to it’s mood-enhancing benefits, what’s not to love about chocolate?


Facts About Chocolate:

  • Cacao originated in the Amazon and was brought by human beings to Central America, which could possibly extend its beginnings to some four millennia ago.
  • Early Mesoamericans valued it so highly that cacao beans were used as a form of currency.
  • The scientific denomination for the tree that chocolate comes from is Theobroma cocoa, which means “food of the gods.”
  • Flavonoids found in cocoa products have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-clotting effects that can reduce the risk of diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity.
  • 400 cocoa beans make one pound of chocolate.
  • Chocolate has 600 different flavour compounds while red wine has only 200.


Learn More Facts about Chocolate:

Want to learn more about chocolate?  Cornell University has a really interesting virtual exhibit about it.

CHOCOLATE: Food of the Gods (

And if you are interested in learning about the sustainable harvest and production of chocolate, visit the World Cocoa Foundation

World Cocoa Foundation


Where is Chocolate Produced?

Today, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Nigeria, Indonesia and Brazil account for 79 percent of the world’s cacao production.  But it is also produced throughout the Caribbean, particularly in Dominican Republic and increasingly in Puerto Rico. Caribbean Trading offers Organic Chocolate Powders that are Sourced Directly From Caribbean Farmers and Cultivated Sustainably In Accordance With Fair Trade Practices.

Organic Extra Dark Chocolate Powder-Cinnamon

Organic Extra Dark Chocolate Powder-Almond

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