New Caribbean Candies from Caribbean Trading

caribbean candy

We are so excited to announce our new line of Caribbean candies. Offering a mix of tropical salt water taffy, gummies, and hard candies, there is a tropical flavor for for every palate. They are available in small and large sizes. The large size are for sharing, and the small sizes are perfect as part of a gift collection or as a wedding favor or pillow gift!

We can even personalize them with wedding dates or corporate logos!

Rum-Runner – Premium Salt Water Taffy

Rum lovers’ delight! Bring out your inner pirate with this delectable Caribbean rum flavor in soft, non-sticky, whipped taffy. Aargh!

Fruit Fiesta – Premium Salt Water Taffy

Have a party in your mouth with this explosion of tropical fruit flavor! Guava, Coconut, Mango, and Lime combine for a fiesta of flavor in a soft, non-sticky, whipped taffy.

Piña Colada – Premium Candy Doubloons

If you love Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain, these buttons are a yummy Pina Colada concoction that will keep you coming back for more.

Lime Lickers – Premium Candy Doubloons

Tart and tangy citrus sweetness tantalize your taste buds transporting you to your own island retreat. Limealicious!

Island Bears – Premium Gummy Delights

Sophisticated fruity flavors meld Pink Grapefruit, Mango, Pineapple and Strawberry Banana showering the essence of the tropics in a luxurious gummy chew.

Tropical Fish – Premium Gummy Delights

Catch some of these little fishies before they swim away! These tasty gummies are bursting with strawberry flavor and a luxurious enjoyable chew.

Coqui Frogs – Premium Gummy Delights – Available Fall 2015

Grab ahold of these coqui   frogs before they leap away! These delicious gummies are jumping with fresh strawberry flavor and a luxurious pleasurable chew.


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