MayoKetchup: The Puerto Rican Condiment


MayoKetchup is the quintessential Puerto Rican condiment. It is used both for dipping tostones, and Puerto Rican fritters, French fries, chicken tenders – just about anything you would use ketchup for.  Use it as a spread on a hamburger or sandwich. The possibilities are endless!  For many years, mayoketchup wasn’t widely known outside of Puerto Rican cuisine but it continues to gain popularity and can bow be bought as a condiment in the grocery stores.  However, we recommend making your own – it’s super easy and adding your own seasoning or hot sauce is what really takes this dipping sauce to the nexy level.

Ingredients Needed for MayoKetchup:

  • 1 part ketchup
  •  3 parts mayonnaise
  •  Dash of Sofrito, Garlic, Hot Sauce or Adobo Seasoning


  1. Blend ingredients with a spoon until all mayonnaise lumps are gone.
  2. Place in a small bowl and serve as dipping sauce or over cold cooked shrimp. Refrigerate leftovers.


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These hot sauces work perfectly as an add-in to MayoKetchup:

On the Plank Garlic Crushed Pepper Sauce

Fire Roaster Garlic Habanero Crushed Pepper Sauce

You can find this recipe on our Yummly Page as well.  Hit the Yum Button so you can add it into your recipe box:

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