MayoKetchup: The Puerto Rican Condiment


MayoKetchup is the quintessential Puerto Rican condiment. It is used both for dipping tostones, and Puerto Rican fritters, French fries, chicken tenders – just about anything you would use ketchup for.  Use it as a spread on a hamburger or sandwich.. The possibilities are endless!

1 part ketchup
3 parts mayonnaise
Dash of Sofrito, Garlic, Hot Sauce or Adobo

Blend ingredients with a spoon until all mayonnaise lumps are gone. Place in a small bowl and serve as dipping sauce or over cold cooked shrimp. Refrigerate leftovers.

Get your Adobo here

These hot sauces work perfectly as an add-in to MayoKetchup:

On the Plank Garlic Crushed Pepper Sauce

Fire Roaster Garlic Habanero Crushed Pepper Sauce

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