Gift Events and Fiestas by the Captain

Gift Events by Caribbean Trading Company

Did you know that Caribbean Trading Company is not just your main source for Caribbean goodies? We also offer specialty event packages to entertain large groups and corporate gatherings. Let us fill your itinerary  with one of our famous Artisan Fiestas or the extremely popular Café Tour of Puerto Rico.

We are happy to develop an event around your group’s needs. Please check out some of our past events and current offerings and let us know how we can help. [email protected]

  • Glassblowing Demonstration
  • Jewelry Making Classes
  • Table-Top Shopping
  • Bamboo Fire Exhibition
  • Digital Photography Classes
  • Artisan Fiesta
  • Fashion Fiesta
  • Fiesta de Café


Give them an authentic tropical experience where they choose their own special gift.

You want their gifts to be personal–but always appropriate, too. So take into account how subjective a personal gift can be and deliver it via an interactive event where your guests see and choose and love their gifts! Create a customized experience that invites each recipient to choose the tropical clothing or jewelry, accessory or art that feels perfect for their personal style. We take as much pleasure in producing a gift event as your guests do in experiencing it. Your Caribbean Trading Company professionals will generate excitement in staffing, décor, and most importantly, an abundance of gift choices

A gift is much more than just an object: it’s a memory. Make it a memory of good times in the tropics with gift events.

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