The Best Dog Friendly Beaches in Puerto Rico

The Best Dog-Friendly Beaches in Puerto Rico

Pets are more than just animals. They are also family members. That’s why many families decide to take their pets with them on family trips, and it is common to search for places where they are allowed. The Caribbean offers many places, including dog friendly beaches in Puerto Rico.

Adapting a Dog for the Beach

Before bringing them to the beach, it is important to prepare them for such a new experience. First of all, knowing if your dog likes water is vital. Letting them be in contact with sand is also another good idea. If possible, owners can get ocean fragrances for the pup to get even more used to it.

Dog Friendly Beaches in Puerto Rico

There are many places in Puerto Rico to spend a nice holiday with dogs. Since it is part of the United States Territory, the island does not have any type of quarantine or issues related to traveling with pets. While relatively easy to travel, there are some requisites to check.

Hobie Beach

Located in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico, Hobie Cat Beach is one of the touristic places that allows the entrance of dogs. Oftenly addressed as an absolutely wonderful and beautiful beach, its view pictures the sea giving an amazing view.

It is also a very well maintained location, so it is vital to keep the place clean when taking a pooch there. Most tourists catalog it as their favorite beach for swimming and enjoying the summer vibe.

Ocean Park Beach

Ocean Park Beach is a very casual and calm place, being one of the favorites amongst locals and gaining a huge reputation between tourists. Even during the highest tourist seasons, this place is oftenly uncrowded, making it perfect for those who just want to have a walk with family or even a dog.

El Combate Beach

El Combate Beach is part of the Boquerón National State Forest, located in Cabo Rojo. This beach is a very popular choice amongst locals. Between everything it can offer, its sparkling waters and large-scale reefs turning into pristine shores are the great attraction, making it a paradise for diving enthusiasts.

Preferred by younger crowds, it is ideal for families with teens and even pets. This site is the ideal place to enjoy one of the best sunsets views in Puerto Rico.

Other Dog-Friendly Places

There are many other places besides beaches that also allow families to bring their furry friends with them, making it a complete great family experience!

Condado Pet Park

The San Juan Pet Park is located on Luchetti Street, near the Condado Area. It has an agility course for dogs to practice different skills, gazebos, benches, and a water fountain for pet owners and dogs.

San Juan Water Club

On the beach in the capital city of San Juan, the San Juan Water Club and Beach Hotel is a dog-friendly hotel. Pets are usually welcomed to the establishment with a bag full of pet treats, a water bowl and a souvenir toy for them to keep and play with. Hotel also offers dog walking, pet sitting and grooming.

For those who prefer staying in a larger or bigger hotel, the San Juan Sheraton Puerto Rico also welcomes pets. There’s also a casino, spa and pool for the tourists. Equipped with comfortable dog beds, it will be a relaxed experience for the visiting pup.


Ponce is located on the southern coast of Puerto Rico. Vacation planned to this place traveling with a pet might need a booking at the Hotel Melia Ponce.

This family-owned hotel is in the center of Ponce’s historic district. Also, every room has air conditioning, televisions and an excellent city view. Customers can also opt to use the restaurant and a pool that the place offers.


The seaside town of Aguadilla, located on the far western coast of Puerto Rico is one of the most dog-friendly hotels, called “La Cima Hotel”.

Located on a stretch of unpopulated beach, the hotel offers two restaurants, a swimming pool and gym for exercise among other facilities. All rooms at the hotel include refrigerators and some even have kitchenettes. Tourists can also opt for single rooms and two-bedroom apartments if available.

Vieques Island

The tiny island of Vieques is one of the gems located in the Caribbean Sea, luring its visitors thanks to the amazing beaches and the world’s largest bioluminescent bay. The historical island’s first hotel, called the Sea Gate Hotel, welcomes people and pets alike.

Most of its rooms have kitchenettes, balconies and ocean views. Dogs are welcomed to the hotel with treats, toys and water collected from the El Yunque rain forest. Owners can also schedule dog grooming, pet sitting and even emergency veterinary appointments if needed.

Why Take a Dog on a Family Trip to Puerto Rico?

The Best Dog Friendly Beaches in Puerto Rico

There are many reasons to take a dog and let them accompany the family during the family trip. They will not feel alone and will be able to experience new adventures in places that they have never been.

Family Stays Together

Taking a pup with his family greatly helps reducing one significant factor: nobody is going to miss anyone because everyone will be together! Some people are convinced that a family holiday is not complete without their dog around, so why should it be an exception to be with him?

Helps with Anxiety and Settling

When families decide to travel with small kids, it is normal for them to feel a little scared or unsettled in new strange lands. For those used to having a pet around, it can greatly help during stressing or anxiety situations, making the people feel at home.

Save Money

Taking a dog to the kennels is a very stressful situation, not only for the pet but also for his owner. Thinking about them being alone while the owner is having fun or being relaxed on a paradisiacal beach does not sound fair.

Also, having to pay a considerable sum of money is needed to let them stay there. Not leaving them there is a less stressful situation. Taking a dog away to a holiday with their family permits them to also be happy together.

Avoid Depending on Others

Sometimes friends or family offer themselves to care for a pet while their owner is away. Owners can help them by taking the dog on holiday and avoid them having to take care of a pet. It is actually an exhausting task to care for a pup, and more if it’s not its own pet.

If anything happened to the pet while his owner was away, it could be a huge problem, not only for the owner but for the people caring about him.

Things to Address When Taking a Dog to the Beach

While it is overall a fun and amazing experience, it is also crucial to keep in mind that safety tips need to be checked to ensure the pup is okay. Some dogs, like the Basset Hound for example, can’t swim properly.

Small breeds also have a difficult time, so swimming should be an avoided activity for that kind of dog. It does not necessarily need to be a downside since there are many other fun activities to enjoy. Speaking to a lifeguard about the water conditions can also help to understand if the current is appropriate for a pet.

Look out for dangerous sea life that could be near the shore, like stingrays and jellyfish. Even if the doggo does not get in the water, he can potentially be harmed by those.

Going for a walk around the shore sniffing new things, playing fetch on the sand with a ball or a disc or just running freely are good ideas for the pup.

Avoiding hot sand is also important. If it’s too hot for a human, it means it is hot for them too. Applying an appropriate sun cream for dogs is also vital to avoid pain or burning. Provide them lots of water to avoid dehydration and look out for heat strokes since heat can harm them.

Useful Commands for Dogs

To ensure a safe and pleasant beach day, there are certain behaviors that every dog should know before going there.

Having a reliable recall is a must. There are a lot of beach activities that will require the dog being off leash, so ensuring the pet will come back to his owner when called is needed. Almost all dog’s basic obedience behaviors should be known by the dog before taking him to such public and crowded places.

A command like “Leave it” is another important one that every pet needs to understand. It means that the doggy can not eat whatever they find, like garbage on the beach, dead fish on the shore, or food from someone else’s picnic basket. Enough training will help them to almost ignore others dogs and people.

A socialized pup used to share toys with others is vital too. Beaches are oftenly crowded, so if he is uncomfortable around people, it is advised to choose quiet times to visit the beach, like weekday mornings.


If there’s a possibility to take the dog to a holiday along with the family, it is recommended to do it. New experiences will be discovered not only for him but for the family. It also grants many benefits, a faster adaptation and a more united household.

The Caribbean offers many dog friendly beaches in Puerto Rico to spend a nice holiday with furry companions and children.

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