Chinchorreo at Luquillo


Are you interested in tasting what our local food has to offer and enjoy a beach view? Well let’s go! Right after El Yunque Rainforest, you will find Luquillo, a town on the north-east coast of Puerto Rico.  It’s a favorite of locals and lovers of chinchorreo.

What is a Chinchorreo?

Chinchorreo is a group of people that go to a cozy bar or “chinchorro” to eat, drink, dance and have fun.  It is very popular on the island. There are many of these “chinchorros” at the  Luquillo beach area.  They are known as Luquillo kiosks–  Kioskos de Luquillo.


This is an area with a large selection of food.  Sixty bars and restaurants offer a great gastronomic variety.  Options include fresh seafood, local fried foods, and cuts of meat.  No matter which one you choose, you will be totally satisfied! There is usually live music on most days of the week, especially the weekends.   Salsa, Merengue, Jazz and more.


Why Luquillo?

Luquillo, known as the Capital of the Sun, has a beach that is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico. El Balneario La Monserrate offers parking for your convenience.  Along the coast you can choose from one of the many great spots to launch yourself into a dip in the warm crystal clear waters. Many come to practice water sports here such as surfing, jet skiing, kite surfing and kayaking. This public beach offers showers, covered gazebos, and usually a lifeguard on duty.  A great place to organize family gatherings!


The beautiful crystalline waters and great culinary variety of this town are a must-see attraction.  It is worth the trip to schedule at least a day in Luquillo. Get in your car and go to this spot to witness its charms. Complement your chinchorreo by stopping at our Rio Grande store for some fresh Puerto Rican coffee, Caribbean spices and sauces, quality gifts, souvenirs and local arts.

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