Caribbean Teas are now Available

caribbean tea

We are so excited to announce the launch of our line of Caribbean teas.  They are all natural and represent the flavors of the Caribbean.  They are so fantastic!  We have been enjoying the teas in office now for a couple of months and it is just wonderful.  Available in Small and Large Sizes to hit various price points, these teas represent the flavors of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

Here is some more details on each of the available flavors (click on the name to purchase):

Iced Sunshine

Iced Tea – Tropical Fruit Medley – Organic Black Tea. The ripe essences of mango, passion fruit, and guava brings fragrance, flavor, and smoothness to South Indian organic black tea. The sunshine of the tropics goes wonderfully on ice. Add a touch of sweetener, a squeeze of lemon, or a splash of orange or apple juice. Garnish with fresh fruit. Ingredients: Black tea & Mango, Passion fruit and Guava natural flavors.

Iced Mojito

Iced Tea – Citrus Mint Refresher – Organic Herbal Tea. Herbal tea on ice is nice! A bright balance of spearmint with citrusy Australian lemon myrtle and a twist of lemon peel. The aromas are exhilarating, the herb blend is relaxing, the natural sweetness is especially refreshing on ice. Ingredients: Spearmint, lemon peel & lemon myrtle.

Caribbean Floral

Loose Leaf Tea – Brisk Tropical Essence – Organic Black Tea. It’s a bouquet of brilliant flowers in every cup. Organic flower petals add color and elegance to premium organic black tea. Imagine a cup of confetti with hibiscus, calendula, and cornflowers adding color and a touch of elegant fragrance. Ingredients: Black tea, hibiscus, natural flavor, corn flowers & calendula flowers.

Citrus Chai

Loose Leaf Tea – Orange Spice Zing – Organic Green Tea. A spice cabinet of zesty flavor and aroma is blended with luscious organic orange peel and Indian green tea. Savor cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom with the citrusy sophistication of orange. Green tea keeps it light and uplifting. ngredients: Green tea, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, orange peel & natural flavor.

Tropical Dream

Tea Bags – Smooth Sultry Blend – Organic Green Tea. Lush and smooth, this is a cup of tropical goodness. Organic green tea provides the clear, crisp base, with rich notes of tropical carob and soothing chamomile on top. It adds up to a dreamy tea experience, taking you to a beautiful place. Ingredients: Green tea, chamomile, carob and natural flavor.

Pomegranate Bliss

Tea Bags – Antioxidant Lift – Organic White Tea. Delicate white tea makes a perfect base for the elegant notes of pomegranate and flowers. Dried organic pomegranate brings tangy tartness as well as antioxidant goodness. Rosehips and hibiscus add more bright flavor touches. Ingredients: White tea, rosehips, hibiscus, dried pomegranate and natural flavor.


This article was written by Captain Tim and the Crew of Caribbean Trading Company.

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