Cabin Boy Bernie’s Top 5 fun places to go in North-East Puerto Rico

north-east puerto rico

These are my top 5 favorite places to go in north-east Puerto Rico:

  • El Yunque- El Yunque National Forest is the only tropical rain forest in the national forest system located in North-East Puerto Rico near Rio Grande and Luquillo. There you can experience water falls, beautiful views and animals like the native parrots and the famous Coqui frogs. El Yunque is a place for adventure so if you’re looking for a fun and breath taking experience, I would definitely visit and learn more about the rainforest. One way to really have a great adventure is to hire a tour guide that can show you the best trails and tell you the names of the plants, trees and other interesting facts.
  • Piñones- Piñones is a famous and fun place that offers awesome Puerto Rican food from numerous roadside food kiosks and restaurants that line PR 187 through Piñones towards Loiza. You’ll find all kinds of great food and souvenirs and enjoy the beautiful beaches of Piñones. It’s a perfect place to spend the entire day while you’re in Puerto Rico.
  • Bioluminescent Bay- Laguna Grande The bioluminescent bay is located in Northeast Puerto Rico in Fajardo and is considered one of the best bioluminescent spots in the world. There are many tour operators to choose from and they will tell you all about the ecosystem and what causes the water to glow. Tours usually last about two hours each and all the equipment you will need are included. Whichever trip you choose, a change of clothing, towels, light sandals and—of course—waterproof cameras are recommended! You’ll have a fantastic time there.
  • San Juan– San Juan is the capital and the most populous city in Puerto Rico. Founded in 1521 by Juan Ponce de León, who named it City of Puerto Rico. Some of the things that you should do in San Juan are exploring the streets of Old San Juan which has lots of history. I would recommend going to El Morro which is an old fort and a National Historic Site built to protect the city of San Juan. It is also a great place to fly kites because it has a huge open grassy area and it’s just a perfect place to have fun. You can spend the whole day walking around looking at all of the cool stores, restaurants and just watching all of the people are one of my favorite things to do.
  • Luquillo beach- Monserrate Balneario- This beach is one of the most popular beaches in Puerto Rico and among the prettiest in the north-east side of Puerto Rico. This beach is a Blue Flag Beach so it meets the standards of water quality and facilities certified by the Foundation for Environmental Education. People love to surf, swim, jet ski and spend time with their family or friends doing their favorite activity. It is a beautiful beach and right behind you are the mountains and the El Yunque Rainforest. There is plenty of parking and the fee is $4.00 per day to park.

If you are visiting Northeast Puerto Rico please stop by our Company Store located right at the base of El Yunque.  We have a a lot of brochures and information on lots of other great places to go if you want.  Enjoy your stay!

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