Cabin Boy Bernie’s Three Favorite Spots for Skateboarding Puerto Rico

Skateboarding Puerto Rico

Where are the best spots for skateboarding Puerto Rico? If you want to skate and hangout and meet new friends these are three places I would highly recommend you check out.  I hope to see you there!

La Plaza de Luquillo

This is where I first learned how to skateboard.  I enjoyed learning the basics of skating with the locals that liked to skate too. This is where I made new friends in which I meet up with to hang out or skate and practice new tricks. I like this skate spot because it has the beach, nice places to eat at and most importantly kind people. This is definitely one of my favorite spots to not only skate but have fun.

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 Rincon skate town

This skateboard spot is a great place to go and have fun with local skateboarders or even people from around the world. Why? Well that’s because Rincon is a famous for its beaches and surfing which brings people from around the globe to surf in Puerto Rico! This skate park is a great place to meet new people and hang out too. I like this skate park because it has nice local skaters and people who come to watch or skate. The Skate Park itself has art all over it in which people from New York painted and designed which is very cool. It has ramps, rails and a lot of more obstacles to have fun on. Although it isn’t one of the biggest skate parks it certainly is big enough to do crazy tricks so make sure to wear protectors because this skate park can be a bit slippery and it takes a while to get used to.

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Mayaguez SK8 Plaza

This skate spot is located right by the beach on the west side of Puerto Rico. The skate park is very big with lots of ramps made out of cement. The surface is smooth and depending on the season it’s filled with leaves so that can be a bit annoying but it’s still a great place. I like this skate spot because of the environment and how everything is set up. I like how the ramps are spread out and how steep they are.  It is a great place for skaters at every level.  It doesn’t really have a place to eat but there are lots of kids and pro skaters there every time I go and it’s family friendly.


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