Best Summer Fragrances: Top 5

Who doesn’t love summer? The smell of sunscreen, the salt water, fresh food and not to mention the relaxation you get on vacation. The downside? Every trip eventually comes to an end and it’s time to go home. Although the routine can be frustrating, the good news is that you can bring your vacation home with little things like fragrances. What are the ideal fragrances? At Caribbean Trading we present the most characteristic summer fragrances that will make you feel like you’re still on the best beaches in the Caribbean, or sunbathing in Hawaii.

Top 5 of the Best Summer Fragrance

1. Coconut: 

Sin dudas el coco se lleva el puesto número 1 a la fragancia más característica del verano en todo el mundo. Su principal producción se centra en la zona tropical de america y su uso se ha extendido a los más diversos rubros.

Dentro de sus propiedades más destacadas se encuentra la Vit E, esencial por su poder antioxidante. También es muy usado en quienes quieren combatir el insomio, la fatiga y para ayudar en aminorar los síntomas de la menopausia. Esta fragancia es muy popular en los centros de estética y relax por su poder de inducir a un estado de relajación

2. Vanilla:

Vanilla, like coconut, is among the most relaxing fragrances. It helps to improve mood. Its sedative effect is used by those who seek to calm anxiety and stress. It is undoubtedly like having a “little piece of summer” in your home.

The characteristic sweetness of vanilla is appreciated by those suffering from depression as it helps to lessen the symptoms. Fragrance specialists point out that in addition to the softness of vanilla, its aroma has connotations of purity and simplicity.

3- Citrus

Another popular scent among summer lovers is citrus. You can find the most varied offer of lemon and orange fragrances. Unlike coconut and vanilla, citrus possesses the quality of giving energy. It is also recommended for those who suffer from stomach problems and are constantly weak.

The smell of lemon or orange will bring to your mind the most joyful moments enjoyed during the summer with your family.

4. Mango

Among the fruit flavors, mango has become very popular in recent years. Not only for its incredible flavor, but also for the benefits of its aroma. It has stimulating and antidepressant properties. Like citrus scents, it provides energy and helps you face your day with joy and eliminate negative emotions.

5. Jazmine

Jasmine also takes its place in this Top 5 of the Best Summer Fragrance. It is a scent that shares many qualities with vanilla. Jasmine is associated with the reduction of stress and anxiety. 

Its main component, linalool is able to improve the nervous system, improve mood and even has aphrodisiac effects. 

There are no excuses for not “Bringing” the best summer fragrances to your home. You can find many varieties to suit your tastes. Candles, Sahumerios, Oils, and more. Enjoy the summer 365 days a year!

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