The best Insect Repellant for the Zika Virus in Puerto Rico

Zika Virus in Puerto Rico

We have selected some of the best Insect Repellants for the Zika Virus in Puerto Rico. Over the last few months as the Zika virus has become more of an international concern, and in Puerto Rico, there have been many questions in regards to the best type of bug spray to be using.  There are many types out there and it can be confusing on the best way to protect your self from Zika and mosquitos.  The CDC recommends using repellent, treated clothing and bed-netting to prevent mosquito bites when traveling in areas where Zika virus is found.  And remember that Zika is carried by the Anopheles mosquito which bites during the DAY.

You can use this neat little tool to help you choose the right insect repellant for your needs when travelling to Puerto Rico:

Below is a listing of the most common types and some basic tips about application.

  • Follow the label instructions:  Many sprays have different instructions and that is what they testing and effectiveness rates are based on.
  • For longest protection, synthesized active ingredients such as DEET and picaridin can last 4 to 10+ hours; see product labels for time estimates. If you prefer to keep it natural, you’ll need to reapply often. Repellents using essential plant oils are believed to be effective for 30 minutes to 2+ hours.

Active Ingredients for Repellants against Zika Virus in Puerto Rico

Type EPA
DEET Chemical Yes 8-10+ hours
Picaridin Chemical Yes Up to 8 hours
Oil of lemon
plant oil
Yes Up to 6 hours
IR3535 Synthesized
plant oil
Yes 4-8 hours
Plant oils (soybean,
lemongrass, cedar,
citronella, etc.)
plant oil
No Estimated 30 min.
to 2 hours

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