10 Worst and Best Corporate Gifts Ideas

Best Corporate Gifts

One of the best ways to make a great first impression for corporate travelers is to have a nice goodie bag awaiting the traveler’s arrival.  Although it may seem pretty easy to create a great goodie bag, there are far too many horror stories of goodie bags gone wrong. Take advantage of these great corporate conference goodie bag ideas and put a smile on your clients face.

Best Corporate Gifts Ideas Ever

A goodie bag is often a traveler’s first impression, so be sure it is a positive reflection of your company’s image. These corporate conference goodie bag ideas go a long way in making your guests feel welcome. Be sure your items are high quality and, if possible, location specific.

Map of the area- One of the best corporate conference goodie bag ideas is a map of the local area. Take this useful item one step further and personalize the map by circling points of interest such as must-see tourist spots, local coffee shops, or culture rich shopping areas.

Reusable water bottle– A reusable water bottle is useful when traveling and at home. Put your advertising dollars to work and customize the water bottle with your company’s logo or something related to the destination.

Local treats– After a long day traveling or attending a corporate event, treat your visitors to some local sweets. Local sweet treats such as Caribbean Rum Cakes or Dulces Tipicos will put a smile on anyone’s face. Plus, if your guest is too busy to buy a gift for family back home, they can always regift it.

Suncare items- For most travelers, suncare items are often forgotten at home. Provide travelers with an assortment of suncare items from Beach Buff such as their SPF 30 Sunblock, Instant Relief Burn Cooler Rehydrating Gel, and SFP 30 Tropical Lip Balm.

Reusable tote bag– Wrap up your goodie bag items in a high quality tote bag. Either personalize the tote bag with your company logo or choose one that is destination specific. A reusable tote bag is a great way to show your clients that you are eco-conscious!

Worst Goodie Bag Ideas Ever

Don’t create a negative impression by providing goodie bags that are full of “what were they thinking” items. Some of the worst goodie bags are full of useless junk that is either not related to the destination or the traveler’s needs.

Calculator- This item will surely end up in the trash. With the advent of smartphones, the handheld calculator will show your guests that you haven’t made the transition to the 21st century.

Paperweight– A paperweight is one of the most useless corporate gift items ever! Plus, who wants to tote home a five pound paperweight with all the airline luggage weight restrictions.

Plastic disposable water bottle- For eco-conscious guests, a plastic disposable water bottle will automatically put a bad taste in their mouth. Avoid negative feelings by showing you care about the environment and avoid plastic water bottles at all cost!

Gift card- Nothing says “I didn’t try” like a $5 gift card. A small denomination gift card will often feel like an insult rather than a gift.

Stress Reliever Ball- Unless your guests can come up with a fun beach game to make use of the stress reliever ball, it will likely not make the trip home. Avoid this item at all costs!

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