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Energize your quarterly profits by offering customers all natural Caribbean products from Caribbean Wholesale Grocery. Tantalize shoppers with the addition of incredibly tasty sauces, spice rubs, and fresh, chunky salsas infused with the flavor of Island cuisine.

Caribbean Wholesale Grocery products are made using all natural ingredients. No artificial additives or chemical processing mar the intense flavor combinations displayed in these exotic items. The numerous sauces and seasoning selection, along with concentrated mustards and salsas combine to introduce a fabulous new product line that will delight consumers.

Check out the interesting line of the Caribbean Grocery Wholesale wing and crushed pepper sauces available, and choose from varieties such as Red Savina Citrus Slammer or Smoked Chipotle Passion Fruit. Each sauce offered by Caribbean Wholesale Grocery contains a distinctively spicy blend of crushed peppers, spices, and tropical fruits to create invigorating flavor combinations that make great additions to meats, soups, dips and more.

The wing sauces are designed to provide a delicious alternative to traditional buffalo and BBQ. With tangy mango, habanero and passion fruit ingredients, these wings sauces will enliven any get together and provide a “secret recipe” style component for your customers to enjoy. Heat intensity levels go from a mildly warm, yet sweet, to “you must be some kind of visitor from an alternate universe with taste buds designed to resist nuclear fallout”. Truly, some of these pepper combinations and Caribbean Grocery Wholesale flavors can be insanely hot.

Featured seasoning and rubs continue the sizzling Island theme with flavor combinations intended to release endorphins and stimulate your tear ducts. Products such as Lively Up Lime Jerk create zesty seasonings for chicken and meats, and Limin Times Seafood and Spiced Rum Grill enliven shellfish and shrimp with their exotic foreign flavors. Particularly delectable Spicy Pepper Steak and Puerto Rico Adobo blends add a stimulating alternative that your shoppers will love.

The distributors at Caribbean Wholesale Grocery know how important it is for you to be able to offer quality products that are delicious and healthy to your customers. That’s why every product they carry contains no MSG, and the qualified staff members are constantly searching for new, unique products and better ways to serve you. The website also provides excellent recipe ideas that showcase the products.

With convenient phone, fax, or online ordering, and group sales available, Caribbean Grocery Wholesale products will make it easy to spice up your store shelves with wonderful and delicious new condiments your customers will love to buy, use, and give.

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