Passion fruit Mojito Cocktail Recipe

passion fruit mojito

Well, this year has been a very successful year for our Passionfruit vine. We’ve already harvested over 50 of them and are still getting about 5 flowers a day, so we conceivably have more than a month left to go (hopefully more). Well, we’ve been eating them, freezing them, and giving them away (a friend of ours swears that a fresh passion fruit is the cure-all for a hangover). But, we found this recipe for a passion fruit mojito cocktail and it seemed just the perfect one to use! If you don’t have a fresh passion fruit you can use a canned nectar; but fresh is best!


2 ½ oz White Rum

1 tbsp Sugar

Mint Leaves

1 drop Vanilla Extract

4 oz Passion Fruit Nectar (about 1 fruit)

Splash of Lime Juice

Mash the mint leaves, vanilla and sugar together. Shake these with ice and then add the rum, passion fruit, and lime juice and shake. Strain into a glass filled with ice.

Variation: We also tried this out with Sprite added into the mix and it made a nice mixed drink cocktail too.

Captain Tim
Captain Tim

Captain Tim is the founder of Caribbean Trading Company in Puerto Rico. Many years ago Captain Tim was a normal everyday guy who decided to do what so many people only dream about. He moved to the Caribbean. Traveling throughout the islands, he has the joy of sharing this lifestyle and its flavors with the world.

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