How to Use Hot Sauce: Ideas for using Hot Sauces in the Refrigerator Door

How to Use Hot Sauce

If you are a hot sauce lover, chances are you have collected a large quantity of hot sauces, all of which begin to crowd the refrigerator door. On the bright side, a hot sauce’s shelf life is pretty long, but occasionally you need to reclaim some shelf space and the question becomes…. what do I do with these hot sauces? Everyone has a favorite way to use their hot pepper sauces – putting them on eggs or any type of rice dish is a no-brainer for us. But what else can be done with a hot sauce? With a little bit of investigation and a little taste- testing, here are some great ideas on how to use up all those hot sauces…. Did we leave any out? Please let us know in the comments section!

    1. Create a wicked wing sauce. (mix in your favorite hot sauce with barbecue sauce)
    2. Perk up your hollandaise.
    3. Add a punch to your tartar sauce.
    4. Add into a cocktail sauce to pair with shrimp.
    5. Put a dollop of hot pepper sauce on raw oysters along with a spritz of lime.
    6. Put a dash of heat/smokiness into ribs.
    7.  Whisk into a vinaigrette for a salad.
    8. Add into ketchup and mayo for a thousand island dressing or a perfect dip for tostones, yucca chips, chicken nuggets and so on.
    9. Create a spicy mayonnaise as a dipping sauce or spread.
    10.  Swirl into soups (tortilla soup, black bean, chili, hot and sour soup)—great during cold season to ease congestion.
    11. Melt with butter and drizzle over your movie popcorn.
    12.  Add to a chutney or jelly for a little pep of sweetness. Pour over cream cheese and serve with crackers for a sinfully delightful and easy appetizer.
    13. Caramelize onions and add in some hot sauce to top your burger or a nice pork chop or steak.
    14. Stir into mustard and put it on a hot dog or hamburger.
    15. Add into deviled eggs to bring out the devil!
    16. Combine a few drops with simple syrup and toss with your fruit salad. A fruit-based hot pepper sauce like Coconut Pique or Mango Medley is ideal for this.
    17. Melt in with cheese for a fun fondue.
    18.  Add a dollop to hot chocolate for a Mexican Hot Chocolate.
    19. Leftover pulled pork? Add in some hot sauce and turn it into a slammin’ taco or wrap.
    20. Add to your Bloody Mary! Perfect for Sunday Brunch.
    21. Add into any cold salad for extra flavor- egg salad, potato salad, chicken salad, and pasta salad.
    22.  Add into plain greek yogurt to spice up that gyro.

And here’s a few household ideas How to Use Hot Sauce (although you probably want to use your least favorite). We haven’t tried any of these, so let us know if you have and they work!

    • Train your dog against eating from the table (mild heat, of course).
    • Put on nails to kick a nail biting habit.
    • Dilute hot sauce with a bit of water and spray on your vegetable and herb gardens to keep the critters from consuming them. Rinse well before consuming!

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