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chocolate valentines gifts

Nothing says “I love you” like Chocolate Valentines Gifts . Spice up your Valentine’s Day with some chocolate treats from Tortuga.

Caribbean Trading Company brings to you an infusion of Tortuga Dark Rum, traditional island flavors and the highest quality of chocolate.

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By the 1840s, the notion of Valentine’s Day as a holiday to celebrate romantic love had taken over most of the English-speaking world. It was Cupid’s golden age: The prudish Victorians adored the notion of courtly love and showered each other with elaborate cards and gifts. Into this love-crazed fray came Richard Cadbury, scion of a British chocolate manufacturing family and responsible for sales at a crucial point in his company’s history. Cadbury had recently improved its chocolate making technique so as to extract pure cocoa butter from whole beans, producing a more palatable drinking chocolate than most Britons had ever tasted. This process resulted in an excess amount of cocoa butter, which Cadbury used to produce many more varieties of what was then called “eating chocolate.” Richard recognized a great marketing opportunity for the new chocolates and started selling them in beautifully decorated boxes that he himself designed.

Currently available at Caribbean Trading Company:

  • Tortuga Banana Rum Fudge
  • Tortuga Chocolate Hazelnut Rum Truffles
  • Tortuga Rum Fudge
  • Tortuga Coconut Rum Fudge

Organic Extra Dark Chocolate Powder – Macadamia

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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