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How to Get to To Vieques and Culebra


Vieques and Culebra are small island municipalities off the east coast of Puerto Rico, and are part of greater Puerto Rico. Both islands have a distinct personality and a vibrant culture of their own and are well worth the visit. If you plan on going to one of the island, plan to at least stay […]

10 Travel tips for visiting Puerto Rico


If you are planning to visit Puerto Rico, here are 10 travel tips to keep in mind that will make for a smooth vacation: You don’t need a passport from the US Puerto Rico is a terrirory of the US, so you don’t need a passport. A driver’s license will do to get you here. […]

Coquis: A Puerto Rican Cultural Icon


The Puerto Rican coquis is a very tiny little frog that is endemic to Puerto Rico. If you are in the country (or anywhere really) you will often hear the sounds of the coqui at night (co-qui co-qui). One would think they are the suze of a bullfrog based on how much noise they make, […]

Fun for Kids in Carolina Puerto Rico

childrens museum puerto rico

Recently I had family in town and I wanted to do something fun for the young kids in the group. At ages 2 and 4, we were looking to take a break from the beach. I had been hearing a lot about the new Children’s Museum – Museo del Niño in Carolina, Puerto Rico and […]

What can you bring from Puerto Rico to the United States?

What can you bring from Puerto Rico to the US?  This is a common question we receive in our Company Store – so common I am now writing a blog about it! Of course, when visiting a new place you want to bring home souvenirs, but it can get tricky when you are talking about […]

The History of Puerto Rico: Lighthouses

August 7th is National Lighthouse Day!  And we are celebrating by highlighting the lighthouse of Puerto Rico.   If you are a lighthouse fanatic, or even looking to add a little history into your next vacation in Puerto Rico, consider touring some of the wonderful lighthouses to be found in Puerto Rico. The lighthouses of Puerto […]

The History Buff’s List of What to Do in Puerto Rico

what to do in puerto rico

If you enjoy history than finding what to do in Puerto Rico on your vacation will not be difficult. Puerto Rico boasts some of the most interesting history from the middle New World. Visiting many of the fort settlements, constructed by the Spanish to protect from British and French invaders, will give you a look […]

Rock to Merengue Music from Puerto Rico

puerto rico music

There are many different styles of music from Puerto Rico, but Merengue is one of the most popular genres throughout all of Latin America and major cities in the United States. The etymology of its name is much disputed, but it is likely related to similar West African words related to dance and music. Origin […]

A Puerto Rican Cocktail Recipe: Easy Breezy

This Puerto Rican Cocktail includes the sweet Caribbean tastes of pineapple mixed with the light taste of Crème de Almond. This icy drink is sure to hit the spot when you are craving a sweet tropical cocktail to end a hard day. This is a cocktail best enjoyed on a hot summer day, next to […]

Visit the Vieques Bunkers

vieques bunkers

The history of Vieques is tied up with the history of the U.S. Navy. During its occupation of the island, the Naval Ammunition Facility (NAF) built a network of naval magazines in Vieques – hundreds of bunkers for ammunition storage, built into the hills, camouflaged beneath earth and grass on the western side of the […]