San Andres And Providencia Islands: Wonderful Locations To Visit

Providencia Caribbean

Both San Andres Island and Providencia Island are the ideal location for honeymoons and wedding ceremonies because it has spectacular sights such as small cays and sandbanks.


Providencia Island on the other hand seems like a very different country and not just a world aside because it is quieter thanks to its smaller size. This island, which is located 90 km to the northern part of San Andres, is only 17 square kilometers and was known as Old Providence in the olden days. It helps in making the whole archipelago an ideal location for scuba divers and snorkelers by offering similar rich marine life, extensive coral reefs, and turquoise sea to that of the San Andres Island. This island is the second largest in the archipelago.

Although the beaches in Providencia Island, which include Bahia Manzanillo, Bahia Suroeste, and Bahia Aguadulce, that are located at its southern end, are gorgeous, they rarely receive visitors because they are tiny. The shoreline of this island has numerous other idyllic stretches and tiny white sand bays. This island , which is one most isolated regions in the Caribbean just like the San Andres island, has open sided restaurants that are not only calypso shrouded but also offer exceptional service. Time is one of the least important concerns in this quiet island because it allows its visitors to enjoy their lives at a leisurely pace.

San Andres

San Andres, which is only approximately 150 km away from Nicaragua and is located only 800 km in the northeast part of Colombia, is one of the island regions in the Caribbean that faces a lot of isolation. This island, together with two other islands that are located in the southern area; and five others that are located in the northern part of this country and have atolls that are not inhabited; are part of the archipelago. It is an ideal location for honeymoons and wedding ceremonies thanks to its spectacular sights such as the small cays and scattering sandbanks.

The nearest cays to San Andres, namely the magnificent Haynes Cay and Johnny Cay, which are easy to access by using small-scale vessels since they are only approximately two kilometers away from it, are at the end of the horizon on the northeastern part of this island. Bolivar Cay, which is the most amazing islet of San Andres Tropical Island, is only sixteen nautical miles to its southwestern part. This islet is very popular with snorkelers and scuba divers thanks to the coral reefs that surround it.

San Andres, which is a seahorse shaped island, is the leading holiday destination and primary isle in the archipelago thanks to the exotic white sand beaches that flank it. This island, which is a historical volcanic landscape, has an accumulation of coralline tiers that are more than one thousand years old and numerous coconut palm trees. In order for tourists to travel away from its mainland and go towards its adjoining cays, they use jetties and its international airport for arrival and departure but they have to apply for passport beforehand to make this possible.

Owing to the aforementioned unique features, the San Andres and Providencia islands are the most wonderful locations to visit and all that people need to do is to apply for passport.

About the Author: Ellen Nicola is an expert author who specializes in the provision of overviews about the leading and outstanding holiday destinations across the world in order to enable travelers to make wise choices. She has a wealth of experience that spans more than 10 years.

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