Key Considerations for Destination Wedding Welcome Bags

destination wedding welcome bags

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!  Destination Weddings are a wonderful and memorable way to mark such an important day. Similar to welcome baskets for Out-of-Town guests at a regular wedding, a Destination Wedding Welcome Bags for your guests at a Destination Wedding is also a good idea.

Here at Caribbean Trading Company, we have been working with Weddings to do their favors and welcome gifts for over 14 years now, and along the way we have picked up some ideas and tips:

Destination Wedding Welcome Bags Essentials:

Include some essentials that will make their stay more comfortable-such as bottled water, snack items, mints, tissues etc. Offer baskets that combine the flavor of the destination with those essentials items needed to make your guests comfortable…

  • Bug Spray, Sunscreen
  • Chewing Gum, Skittles, Mentos, and more!
  • Water and Sodas
  • Fruits, Muffins, Granola Bars, Nuts, Trail Mix
  •  Crackers, Cheese, and Wine
  • Advil, Tylenol, Alka-Seltzer- little packets to cure all your guests’ ills!

Local Information:

Welcome bags are a great place to include relevant information for your wedding guests – phone numbers for the families, other guests staying at the hotel, a wedding itinerary, nearby attractions and local maps.

Something Local to your Destination:

Consider including items that are reflective of your wedding location. Use your wedding welcome baskets as a creative way to tie everything together and introduce guests, many of them visiting for the first time, to the area… Use this as an opportunity to be creative, and make your wedding a memorable event – from arrival to departure! For example:

  • Weddings in Puerto Rico: There are many fun items to tie Puerto Rico into your wedding- from coqui plushes and keychains that make the real-life sound of the Coqui, Puerto Rico’s favorite little frog; to the Vejigante Mask or the Casitas of Old San Juan.  There are items to fit any budget!
  • Weddings in Bahamas: Include a local spice or something with the Moko Jumbie.
  • Weddings in Dominican Republic: Local coffee or rum, or some Mamajuana!

Beach & Leisure

The best part about a Destination Wedding in a tropical locale is the sun, sand, and surf!  Help your guests be prepared by providing items that travelers most often forget:  a Beach Bag, Sun Lotion, Aloe Burn Relief, bug spray, and an underwater camera.  Believe me, the captain and crew of this ship don’t need to reference the chart.  We’ve plotted the course to the finest beach bags, the most lavish towels, the most exotic lotions and potions and just about anything you can imagine pampering your guests and reminding them of just how special they are.

Local Sweets & Treats

Give the gift of good taste!  Treat your guests to a delectable taste of the islands!  From coffees, hot sauces to Island spices and seasonings, there are many gourmet food items to scintillate the tastebuds of your guests!

Gift Baskets             

Baskets from Caribbean Trading Company are packed with treasures from the islands. Each is custom designed, and can be adorned with palm fronds, leaves, flowers – a whole array of tropical touches. Your beautiful package conveys a message, and carries a bounty of hand selected treats to give that authentic island feeling.  We’ll fill the baskets with a custom selection of items of your choice – gourmet food, drinks or gifts!

For more ideas, visit Caribbean Trading Gift Services

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