Stunning Beaches of Puerto Rico for a Seaside Date


Located approximately 1,000 miles from the coast of Florida, Puerto Ricans are US citizens living on islands basking in Caribbean sunshine, surrounded by the only rainforests within the US Forest Service system! This biodiverse tropical paradise has been a tourist magnet for a considerable time, with visitors being drawn to golden sands, fabulous scenery, and water sports. There are many captivating locations here, but the best way to experience the so-called ‘Island of Enchantment’ is to do so with a travel companion. Preferably a love interest, too!

Benefits of visiting Puerto Rico as a tourist

How about the obvious benefits? This island archipelago boasts jaw-dropping landscapes, verdant forests and tranquil beaches. Nestling in the mountains are numerous small towns and villages where you can enjoy food excursions, sampling a variety of mouth-watering delicacies. History has created a melting pot of cultures, so the local cuisine ranges from traditional Creole recipes to Hispanic fare to modern US fast-food.

Finding a date if you travel alone

While you can certainly make the most of any visit to these islands regardless of your travel arrangements, it would be doubly enjoyable to have a travel companion. The best place to find someone compatible would be to look for local hookups via a digital matching service. These outlets are growing more and more popular with people seeking prospective partners on the same wavelength. Saving you all the hassle of trying to connect with strangers in social settings, from the comfort of home you can browse through profiles on your laptop, keeping an eye out for anyone who professes a love of Caribbean travel and shows genuine interest in hookup dates. Discreet communication channels make it easy to develop a rapport, flirt, and then start discussing the ideal time to visit Puerto Rico!

Best beaches of the country

When planning a jaunt to one of Puerto Rico’s stunning beaches, it would be worthwhile making some arrangements. If you’re planning to take a picnic, do some research into delicious gourmet products you could pack into your hamper. Make sure you plan your itinerary, as there are many destinations to choose from. Now pick your ideal spot; to provide some inspiration, we’ve outlined some of the best.

One location worth visiting is the Red Beach, known locally as Playa Caracas. These scenic white sands were owned by the US Navy until 20 years ago, so the beach and the surrounding crystal-clear waters are unspoilt compared to other visitor hotspots. If you’d rather touch down in an area with a lot of amenities, you might be surprised to know there are fabulous beaches right on the doorstep of Puerto Rico’s capital, San Juan. After splashing around in the shallows or soaking up the Caribbean sun, lively shopping outlets are a stone’s throw away.

Aside from the eponymous main island, there are dozens of smaller isles dotted around. Isla de Vieques and Culebra are well worth exploring for their splendid beaches. Not far offshore coral reefs are bustling with marine life of every shape, size, and color. Hire snorkels and feast your eyes on this unforgettable underwater safari.

To experience one of the Caribbean’s best beaches, let alone Puerto Rico, a trip to Flamenco Beach should be high on your wishlist. The crescent-shaped any has been attracting tourists and Puerto Ricans alike for long enough to have built a formidable reputation. Keep an eye out for gaudily painted former US army tanks forming unusual landmarks, their silent guns trained on the resplendent surroundings.

La Monserrate Beach lies basks in coastal sunshine on the verge of the El Yunque National Rainforest. If you feel like a break from water sports and sunbathing, why not explore this wonderful jungle? With almost 30,000 acres of gulleys, tree-lined mountains, and breathtaking waterfalls, this paradise is a habitat for a range of monkeys, brightly patterned butterflies and birds, and a host of other wildlife. After sundown, the beach hosts diverse entertainment, so you can sup cocktails and dance to calypso music.

Cool beach date ideas for couples

We’ve described where to find beaches that would form the perfect backdrop for a romantic excursion. But what to do once you get there? Do you prefer chilled activities – finding a shaded spot where you can relax, with a good book to hand, and easy access to the cocktail menu? Or do you secretly harbour a more adventurous side? After all, these islands and the blue seas beyond have been the haunt of exciting seafarers for centuries, from the first Western explorers seeking the New World, to pirates. You can choose from kayaking around islets to water-skiing. Diving, swimming, snorkelling. If you’d prefer to be ferried from A to B, then you could always book a cruise of the intriguing coves and far-flung islands. You’ll create so many potent memories.

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